I Was Arrested for DUI in Alabama, Now What?

A DUI charge can be a rather complicated matter to get through. You are probably feeling anxious, nervous, and even a bit scared as you probably know DUI convictions carry with them jail time, fines/fees, and even DUI schooling. And not all drivers who were caught in the act were purposely committing the crime because […]

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DUI Suspect Resisted Arrest While in Lingerie Allege Law Enforcement Officer

It is understandable how people inebriated by alcohol are often delirious, unruly, and sometimes even violent when confronted by law enforcement officers for suspected drunk driving.


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Types of Field Sobriety Tests Given During DWI Stops in Chicago, IL

If you were recently arrested for DUI/DWI in Chicago, IL, contact a knowledgeable Chicago DWI attorney at Stone & Associates to determine if your charges are accurate and the ways they can help get you off the hook.

A field sobriety test is usually conducted after a police officer pulls a vehicle over and suspects that […]

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DUI Suspect Who Allegedly Caused Fatal Campo Crash Pleads Not Guilty

A male suspect charged with murder among other charges after being involved in a car accident which resulted in the death of his two passengers has pleaded not guilty and so the case will be going to trial. As reported by CBS, the suspect in the case has been identified in court documents as 24 year old Ryan Gary Renz.


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What are the sources of compensation and liability issues in a DUI accident?

According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), metropolitan areas in the state continue to record the highest concentration of impaired driving crashes. 80% of DUI related crashes occur in the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas while Prince George’s County accounts for 16% of such crashes.


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