What Steps Follow Being Caught for DUI in Shreveport, LA?

Whether you are an offender, a family member of someone who was recently caught driving drunk, or simply looking to gain some insight into the process that follows after someone is caught driving drunk, you may find some of the answers you are seeking below.

While every DUI case in Louisiana is going to range in […]

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What are my Options When Faced with a DUI Charge in Birmingham, AL?


Being charged with DUI in Birmingham is likely going to change the next few months or even years of your life. But, being convicted means you have been recognized for committing the crime and are now forced to face the consequences that fit the bill. While these consequences vary depending on how the charges arose, […]

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What are the Steps I Must Take to Get My Driving Privileges Back?


In Kansas City, Missouri, when convicted of DWI, one of the penalties you could potentially be faced with is losing your privilege to drive. This penalty would fall under the administrative charges category in a DWI case and it all depends on your BAC level and the circumstances surrounding your arrest or charges. For instance, […]

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Tennessee Teacher who is Suspected of Alleged Kidnapping Served Divorce Papers by Wife

Tad Cummins who is already under the scanner for the alleged kidnapping of 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas will find himself in more legal soup as his wife has now filed for divorce.


The former teacher has been married to Jill Cummins for just over three decades but it looks like their marriage is now coming […]

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What Makes a DUI Checkpoint Reasonable?

Knowing your rights at a DUI checkpoint can be crucial to the pending charges that are about to be placed on your record. While many states oppose DUI checkpoints, 38 do not, including the state of South Carolina. These checkpoints, however, must be reasonable when conducted, meaning that police shouldn’t be abusing the power they […]

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