What is the DUI Court Program in Fulton County, Georgia?

In Fulton County, Georgia, if a person is convicted for multiple DUI violations, they more than likely are sentenced to probation post-conviction. The county requires many DUI offenders to take part in a 24-month program, the DUI Court Program, during their probation sentence. According to the State Court of Fulton County, there are a team […]

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What Do Police Officers Look for When Trying to Identify a Drunk Driver?


Police officers in Marion County, IN are constantly on the lookout for drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Many fatal accidents involve drivers who engage in such activity which is why they take initiative in trying to reduce the number of these accidents by being proactive and monitoring drivers. Holidays, big […]

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What Penalties Do I Face for DUI/Manslaughter and Homicide in Florida?


When a drunk driver is arrested for DUI in the state of Florida and kills the driver of another vehicle, this crime is classified as vehicular manslaughter. If found guilty of this crime, an individual faces a second-degree felony, a maximum fine of $10,000, and/or 15 years in prison. A driver who has been convicted […]

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Wife and Husband have Sex While Driving, Wife is Dead!

There is certain things you should not do when driving. Having sex is one of them! Some people just watch too many movies, Gone in 60 Seconds could be one of these movies!


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Who is Required to Attend DUI School in Louisiana?

DWI, DUI, and OWI are all criminal charges that can be pinned on a driver who has engaged in the act of driving while intoxicated by a drug or other substance. Anyone facing these types of charges is urged to seek legal counsel from a reputable Louisiana DWI lawyer in their city immediately following the […]

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