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Who is Required to Attend DUI School in Louisiana?

DWI, DUI, and OWI are all criminal charges that can be pinned on a driver who has engaged in the act of driving while intoxicated by a drug or other substance. Anyone facing these types of charges is urged to seek legal counsel from a reputable Louisiana DWI lawyer in their city immediately following the […]

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OWI/DUI and Death: When the Two Coincide


Many of the types of accidents that occur that involve a driver who was guilty of operating their vehicle while intoxicated often result in one or more of the following types of scenarios:

The motorist crashed their vehicle into a building, home, or other free standing object alongside of the road.
The driver engaged in an accident […]

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Faced with a DWI Charge in Niagara Falls, NY?


If you have been accused of DWI in the state of New York or have had some close encounters with being caught while driving intoxicated, you may want to continue reading on so that you can become more aware of what the penalties are for engaging in this unlawful act. The first thing you need […]

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Charged with DUI in Panama City, FL?

Here’s What Every DUI Offender Needs to Know

Panama City is known for its 27-miles of beaches and vast array of land available for residents and travelers to enjoy, but is also recognized for its strict laws surrounding DUI. As enjoyable as it may be to live or visit the city located in the sunshine state, […]

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I Was Arrested for DUI in Alabama, Now What?

A DUI charge can be a rather complicated matter to get through. You are probably feeling anxious, nervous, and even a bit scared as you probably know DUI convictions carry with them jail time, fines/fees, and even DUI schooling. And not all drivers who were caught in the act were purposely committing the crime because […]

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