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How Can I Avoid Having My DUI Penalties Strengthened?


Penalties for a DUI charge vary as every case is going to be different. Some individuals are caught driving drunk more than once while others are only facing their first offense for the crime. Some motorists who drive while intoxicated cause drunk driving accidents while others are responsible for causing property damage. It all comes […]

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Is it Illegal to Drive While Under the Influence of Prescription Medication?

Have you been caught operating your vehicle while under the influence of prescription medication? Are you being  charged with DUI in the city of Mobile, Alabama? If so, you are going to want to speak with a nearby Mobile, Alabama DUI lawyer who can help you better understand your charges and your rights.


Driving while under […]

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Is Buzzed Driving Considered Drunk Driving?

While there is nothing wrong with going out for a drink or two with some friends or family, one thing you must be cognizant of is your own personal limits. If you are responsible for driving yourself or someone else home, you don’t want to be impaired nor do you want to operate your vehicle […]

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Is Uber Allowing Drunk Drivers Out on the Roadways?


Uber has served as reliable form of transportation for many individuals in California as well as provided jobs for those seeking more income. There is no doubt that Uber has transformed the world of ride-sharing and seems to be coming up with new ways for people to get to and from their destination, however, they […]

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What is a DWAI Charge in Colorado?


A charge related to driving while intoxicated is often referred to in many different ways. In some states, the courts refer to a charge involving someone who has been driving while under influence as a DUI. In other states, DWI, or driving while intoxicated, is how an officer is going to reference your charge. While […]

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