Tim Mahoney (D), former Florida Congressman and multi-millionaire venture capitalist was arrested for DUI early Saturday morning.
Palm Beach Gardens police noticed a car parked on the side of a road, and saw a man sleeping in his car. After questioning him the officer determined that Mahoney was intoxicated and placed him under arrest. He is yet another public official that could use the expertise of a DUI attorney.

Mahoney told a reporter for WTPV news, “I haven’t talked to my attorney. I plan to plead innocent because I made a conscious decision to not to drive.”
The former U.S representative has been involved in other scandals in the past few years, one involving a pay-off to a former mistress to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit.

He may not be able to beat the DUI charge because according to Florida law a person can be charged with DUI even if the vehicle is not in motion. The right DUI lawyer might make it possible for a person the situation like Mahoney’s get a reduction in their charges.
There has not been a report on the amount of alcohol in his blood stream. In most DUI cases a field breathalyzer or a blood test can determine the blood alcohol content of the accused. A proficient DUI attorney may be able to contest the results of a breathalyzer for the clients they represent, and help get a better sentence and lower fines.