Missoula, MT- A Missoula man is now facing felony DUI charges after he told an officer who stopped him he “was not going to do your DUI games.”

A Montana State Trooper stopped 43 year-old Dennis Finnegan Tuesday for speeding on Highway 10 West. Before Finnegan pulled over, he took a couple of turns despite the officers flashing emergency lights. The officer finally had to use his public address system to get Finnegan to stop.

Once stopped Finnegan gave the Trooper contradictory answers before produced his wallet. The officer noted that Finnegan reeked of alcohol and had two empty Crown Royal bags on the floorboard near his feet.

After Finnegan got out of his vehicle he told the officer he was “not going to play, not going to do your DUI games.”

The officer took Finnegan to a local hospital for a blood test after he was issued a search warrant.

People who are pulled over for drunk driving don’t have to submit to field sobriety tests or breathalyzers. There are occasions where a DUI attorney can contest the validity of these test results, which can result in the reduction or dismissal of charges.

Finnegan now faces a felony DUI charge which carries a maximum penalty of 13 months in jail. With an experienced Montana DUI lawyer working on an effective defense strategy, the offender may be able to avoid a jail sentence.

Because the consequences of an intoxicated driving charge can be severe, anyone facing these charges needs to have highly effective legal representation. A Montana DUI attorney will fight to keep their clients out jail and allow them to keep their driver’s license.