HELENA, Montana – A new law that would authorize the attorney general’s crackdown on repeat DUI offenders went into effect on Saturday.

Over 150 of the laws that have been passed earlier this year were scheduled to go into effect on Oct. 1. However, most only involve minor adjustments to current laws.

Yet, one law in particular is receiving all the buzz. A law called the “24/7″ program has become the latest craze in Montana. The law requires that repeat DUI offenders take a breath test twice a day, at their own expense, from the moment they are arrested until the end of their sentence.

This new law has received surprisingly strong endorsement by lawmakers, and is especially backed by Attorney General Steve Bullock.

A drunken driving charge, also known as a DUI or DWI charge, is a serious crime, no matter what state you live in and regardless of whether it is your first charge or not. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, your life can be negatively affected in several different ways for years to come. DUIs can hinder your chances of getting a job, keeping a job, and can even affect your financial endeavors.

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