KANSAS – Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe is pushing a new law that will target repeat DUI offenders in Kansas.

Beginning July 1, the state will mandate jail time for repeat offenders who refuse breath or blood tests after being stopped for suspicion of drunk driving.

The law was created to ensure repeat offenders are unable to dodge a conviction due to lack of evidence from a blood or breath test.

According to Howe, about 30 percent of motorists stopped for suspicion of intoxication refused tests this year.

“These people pose a threat,” he said. “We need to hold them accountable.”

First-time DUI offenders will be exempt from the new law, but may still have their driver’s license suspended if they refuse to submit to testing.

The problem, said Howe, lies in the fact that many repeat DUI offenders continue to drive with or without a license, so that punishment does not serve as a deterrent to offenders.

However, critics of the law argue that it will cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars and will interfere with a motorist’s constitutional rights.

“There’s going to be a non-stop parade of litigation while this law is in effect,” said Jay Norton.

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