25 year old George Smith became the first ever DUI offender in the world when he was arrested for driving under the influence back in the year 1897. The police apprehended smith after he ploughed his car into a building. He was fined 25 shillings.

However, in the United States of America, drunken driving only became a thing after a professor of biochemistry and toxicology invented and patented what he called the Drunkometer. As the name suggests the meter was designed to estimate how inebriated a person was. This occurred in 1936, but the DUI was in effect actually since 1910.

Some people wonder how they arrested drunken drivers back then? Did Wood County, Ohio DUI lawyers even exist? It does seem like it was completely up to the discretion of the police to determine if a person was drunk or not. Aren’t you glad you live in this day and age?

Breathalyzer devices not as accurate as once thought

The breathalyzer has long been the Holy Grail when it comes to determining the blood alcohol contents of suspects for decades. When it was first introduced, the results of the breathalyzer were undisputed and were widely acclaimed as the ultimatum when it comes to accurately determining a suspect’s blood alcohol levels. Even Wood County, Ohio DUI attorneys did not attack their veracity and results.

The breathalyzer worked on a standardized formula which would eventually provide the user with an output in terms of %, the process was thought to be hi tech, scientific, equitable, and accurate. However, new innovations and studies in the field of sobriety testing has revealed that breathalyzers are anything but accurate.


Supposedly, these machines which were marketed as a scientific approach is not scientific at all, it isn’t even equitable as results vary wildly from one person to the next. As a result, it is quite possible that persons that are hardly inebriated get labeled drunk drivers while some that are heavily intoxicated go through the checks with no problems at all.

Times have changed

DUI lawyers all across the country including Bowling Green in Wood County, Ohio are very well aware of these facts and are bringing them up to defend their clients against DUI related charges. In many court rooms, breathalyzer machine readings are not being taken seriously when it comes to evidence.

Contrastingly, in some other states, legislators have pretty much ruled that breath alcohol content and blood alcohol content is one and the same thing when it comes to determining how intoxicated a person is. Even though this cannot be further from the truth. Sometimes, people that have used some mouthwash test positive. This is because their breath alcohol content maybe high even though their blood alcohol content is virtually zero.

Another way to raise tax revenue

It seems like lawmakers and the judicial system is losing sight of what is actually important, instead of ensuring that the roads are safer for residents, they seem to be focusing on just arresting and successfully prosecuting as many suspects as possible. Law enforcement and some citizens in broke Sacramento, CA know all about this.

Thankfully for residents of Wood County, Ohio, there are excellent DUI lawyers that know how to stand up against such blind injustice. Some of the best ones can be reached right here: USAttorneys.com.