Mason Mahoney was involved in a car crash last month which has now led to him facing serious legal charges. The teenager is accused of drunken-driving and possession of a controlled substance, as per a report by the Pocono Record.

The accident happened when Mahoney was driving along on Highway 534 in an easterly direction. He then lost control of the motorcar. His inability resulted in his car crossing lanes and colliding with a car travelling in the other direction. Mahoney’s vehicle only came to a complete halt after striking a utility pole. The other car was occupied by two elderly persons and they both had to be hospitalized and treated for injuries.

Albrightsville man pulled out of the ditch was driving drunk

54-year old Kenneth Becker of Albrightsville had driven into a ditch and had to be rescued by the police. According to the Pocono Record, cops were dispatched to Winter Green Drive in Penn Forest Township in Carbon County after a call alerting the authorities of a car that was stuck in a ditch. When officers arrived on scene, they noticed Becker sitting helplessly inside his car in a muddy ditch. The officers were eventually able to tug the vehicle and its driver out of its predicament.

Becker was immediately arrested for suspected drunken driving. He is currently out on bail. According to Stroudsburg PA DUI attorneys, first time DUI offenders can face up to 6 months’ probation and slapped with fines up to $300. They may be also ordered to attend an alcohol highway safety program and seek treatment for the addiction as well.

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Woman who killed man in a drunken driving accident, caught drinking, and driving twice again 

Daryl Reinhardt has been apprehended once again for the crime of driving under the influence. What is especially shocking in her case is that she continued to habitually drink and drive despite having killed a man named Darrin Brown while driving under the influence back in 2008. Reinhardt had even served a one-year prison sentence for the accident that killed Brown. You would imagine she would have learnt her lesson, but that seems far from the truth.

Her DUI attorney told the media that she was a good person at heart but suffered with severe alcoholism and obviously stupidity. He also said that she was trying to do the right things moving forward but had relapsed and once again succumbed to her addictions.

At this point, it seems that her sentencing will include a two year stint in state prison, where she will be treated for alcoholism while her progress will be closely monitored and evaluated. After serving the two years, she will be released to two years of probation. In addition, her driving license may be revoked for five years. Many people believe this is pitiful weak; she should be in prison for 10 years at least.

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