19 year old Austen Goodrich has pleaded no contest to drunken driving related charges against him stemming from a crash that occurred two years ago in 2013, according to wesh.com. The accident caused the death of his cousin and critically injured two others who were passengers in the truck. His sentence is not known yet as an arraignment has been scheduled in the near future. According to the mother of the decedent, whatever his sentence turns out to be, it will not be long enough in her eyes.

You do not want to drive with a drunk driver.

A tragic mistake

According to expert DUI attorneys who can be found on the exceptional website of USAttorneys.com, Goodrich may be sentenced to as many as 21 years in prison. The charges against him include one count of DUI manslaughter and one count of DUI cause serious bodily injuries. The 19 year old was an emotional mess as he stood in the court room just moments before he pleaded no contest. Goodrich was 17 years old when he lost control of his pickup truck at Oak Hill after he had allegedly indulged in consuming alcohol laced energy drinks.

The deceased was Austen’s cousin Cody who was 16 at the time of his death. According to police reports, Austen was speeding at a railway crossing when the car became airborne and crashed into a ditch. There were two girls in the pickup with Austen and Cody, one of them had sustained serious injuries. Before his arraignment, the judge has scheduled a pre-sentence hearing to determine the punishment. The hearing will allow people to testify for or against him.


Man from New Smyrna Beach enters no contest plea to serious drunken driving related charges

A wesh.com report indicates that Shawn Doolan of New Smyrna Beach has entered a no contest plea to one count of DUI manslaughter in a case stemming from a crash that happened last year. According to police reports, Doolan was driving under the influence when he ran over a woman on the beach in 2014 and killed her.

Furthermore, Doolan is said to have been driving recklessly and speeding when he smashed through closed gates at the beach approach in Daytona Beach Shores and continued speeding until he finally hit a woman who was visiting from North Carolina and killed her. The deceased has been identified as Elizabeth Braley who was killed almost instantaneously. Prosecutors say Doolan may be sentenced to as long as 15 years in prison for his crime.

DUI laws – Florida

Drunken driving is the number one threat to public safety in Florida, which is why the state does not take such cases lightly. Offenders are subjected to a variety to punishments depending on the severity of the case. This includes prison terms, hefty fines, mandatory alcohol and drug counseling, and installation of ignition interlock devices, to name a few. If you are caught up in a DUI mess, your salvation can be on this site: www.floridatrafficticketlaw.com.

The maximum threshold to drive in Florida is with a BAC of 0.08% (0.02% for underage persons). However, it is possible that sometimes people are wrongly charged with a DUI offense. A DUI conviction can essentially destroy a person’s, career, and personal relationships. Therefore, it is most important that those who feel they have been unfairly charged consult an experienced and aggressive Daytona Beach Florida DUI attorney and start preparing defense to beat their DUI case. If you are looking for a fabulous DUI attorney, look no further than right here. Jessica Damoth, P.A. knows this arena!