60 year old Johnny Lee Anthony was involved in an accident on Christmas day two years ago. The crash involved an all-terrain-vehicle driven by 20 year old Brandon Joyner. Unfortunately, the collision proved fatal and Joyner did not survive the impact, as reported by sun-sentinel.com.

Johnny Lee Anthony – guilty!

The accident occurred at the intersection of Northwest Fifth Street and Northwest Eighth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Police reports indicate that Anthony failed to stop at the stop sign despite slowing down while Joyner did not have a stop sign. For the focused and solid DUI attorneys on the explosive site USAttorneys.com, this is known as an imminent crash threat.

Initially, investigators concluded that the vehicle (a Yamaha ATV) that Joyner was riding was not street legal. Furthermore, a toxicology report also suggested the use of illegal street drugs by Joyner. Anthony was also subjected to some sobriety testing. A breathalyzer test showed his blood alcohol content to be 0.09% BAC during the time of the crash, which according to Fort Lauderdale, FL DUI attorneys is over the maximum limit of 0.08% permitted in the state.

Perhaps Anthony should have moved

Now, two years later, much to the dismay of Anthony and his parents, Fort Lauderdale officers showed up at his house and arrested him in connection with the accident. His mother and father both spoke to media personnel and expressed their hostility at what had transpired. Joyner, who was from Fort Lauderdale, was pronounced dead only hours after the accident at Broward Health Medical Center.

A bond of $20,000 has been set for Anthony who owns a pool resurfacing business in the area. After the arrest, Anthony himself admitted to arresting officers to having consumed two beers prior to getting behind the wheel. His DUI attorney refused to comment on pending litigation.

Interesting Joyner’s family never sued. Perhaps they will now.


Broward County Judge suspended without pay for 90 days for DUI

Judge Lynn Rosenthal is a circuit Judge based out of Fort Lauderdale. She has now accepted her punishment of 90 days suspension without pay. Furthermore, Rosenthal will have to undergo legal ethics training and family counselling for a minimum of 12 hours, according to a report by Bradenton.com. This is what her and her Fort Lauderdale, FL DUI lawyer have agreed to.

Prior to her arrest, Rosenthal had clipped a deputy’s parked cruiser while attempting to drive out of the court parking lot. It then came to light that she was under the influence of prescription drugs while alcohol screening tests indicated that Rosenthal had not been drinking. She pleaded no contest to the charges and her DUI attorney exclaimed that she had unknowingly consumed a large dose of prescription sleeping pills which had affected her motor skills to a great degree.

DUI laws in Florida

Florida does not take the offense of drunken or impaired driving lightly. Offenders face grave consequences which include but are not limited to prison sentences, hefty fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, and alcohol or drug counseling, to name a few. These measures will effectively prove to be a killer blow to one’s social and professional life. This is exactly why people facing DUI related charges should waste no time in appointing an experienced and qualified Florida DUI attorney to fight their case and beat it.