20 year old Natalie Sorotowicz has been apprehended and is currently facing serious charges including assault by auto. Sorotowicz is from Wallington near Hackensack, New Jersey and it appears she may need a Hackensack, New Jersey DUI attorney.

The FAIU (Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Fatal Accident Investigation Unit) and the Police Department of the city of Garfield investigated the accident and concluded that Sorotowicz was in fact driving drunk and caused the accident, as reported by bergendispatch.com.

Natalie Sorotowicz has had better days

The accident is said to have occurred on the 5th of August. Deputies belonging to the Garfiled Police Department responded to emergency calls originating from near the accident site at the crossing between Semel Avenue and Scudder Street in Garfield, New Jersey.

The motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and is now said to be recuperating in a stable condition. Sorotowicz, the driver of the car was subjected her to field sobriety testing, which she did not fare very well in. Arresting officers report that she showed symptoms of alcohol intoxication, they say her speech was slurred, and eyes were glassy.

Therefore, they placed her under arrest right away. It is not clear whether Sorotowicz has a DUI attorney to represent her in the courtroom or whether she will need to be appointed one by the state. If she wants the best DUI representation in Hackensack, there is only one site that she should refer to and that is USAttorneys.com. The best Hackensack DUI lawyers are on this site and they know the law and the courts in this area.

Young woman from River Edge slapped with DUI in crash that injured her own sisters

A woman identified in arrest reports at Caroline McCourt, a 23 year old woman from River Edge near Hackensack NJ, has been arrested for suspected DUI. McCourt is currently out on bond but is scheduled to appear in a hearing in court and faces charges of driving under the influence, and two counts of assault by auto while driving intoxicated.


According to nj.com, McCourt drove her car into a tree and the impact left two of her sisters injured. Supposedly, she was operating a Nissan Sentra which veered off the roadway, crossed the median went straight into incoming head on traffic, rode over a curb, and finally came to a halt when it ploughed into a tree. The tree will not need a Hackensack, New Jersey DUI lawyer but McCourt will.

The two sisters have been identified as Michelle McCourt and Elizabeth McCourt, Michelle was seated in the rear passenger seat and sustained serious injuries for which she is currently receiving treatment. Elizabeth, however, was treated for minor injuries and was released from the medical facility in a stable condition.

New Jersey – what to do if charged with DUI

DUI is a serious crime in New Jersey and punishable by law. Offenders can face grave consequences including the possibility of sharing a prison cell with a possible murdered or rapist. Needless to say, that is a predicament no one wants to find themselves in.

Furthermore, offenders may also be hit with fines, asked to take mandatory alcohol counselling, instructed to install ignition interlock devices on all their vehicles, and face other penalties. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone facing DUI related charges to appoint a qualified and experienced New Jersey DUI attorney and get started preparing a solid defense to beat their DUI case.