A man from Lakewood, Dallas who was acquitted of a DUI charge and a child abandonment charge back in 2013 has now filed a civil lawsuit through his Dallas DUI lawyer in which the officers that arrested him back in 2013 have been named as defendants, as reported by dallasnews.com.

The lawsuit seeks over $1 million in compensatory damages. The damages are sought for the following non-economic reasons as per the lawsuit: severe mental anguish and physical pain caused during the arrest. Sterling lawyers such as http://www.gregglawdallas.com/ know many ways to someone when they cause a horrendous crash.

Ryan did crash into other cars though

The plaintiff in the case has been listed in court documents as 33 year old Michael Thomas Ryan. In the 2013 incident, Ryan suffered a sudden epileptic fit while driving and ended up colliding into four cars that were parked. Why was he driving if he had a medical condition?

Ryan said earlier this week during a preliminary hearing in a court room that the unfair arrest has resulted in severely tarnishing his reputation, he claims the arrest record will stay for life and that as a result he has had no success in finding employment for himself.

In the arrest reports, the officers had detailed that after the crash, Ryan got out of the car and had left his daughter behind when officers interrogated him. He supposedly seemed anxious, talkative, and had clammy skin. The officers took this as a sign that Ryan might have been under the influence of psychoactive drugs.


Accident instigator a victim?

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that one of the defendants, Cpl. Julie Munster slammed him onto the ground and put his handcuffs on way too tight and deliberately caused him pain. To make things worse for the defendants, Ryan’s wife, a certified doctor, testified against them saying that she arrived on scene and requested that Ryan be medically evaluated first. However, the negligent police officers apparently waved away an ambulance. The suit alleges that as a result of the pain caused in the arrest, Ryan has suffered from a concussion and multiple back injuries.

Dallas law enforcement officer charged with DUI

We trust the police to apprehend and get rid of drunken drivers and credit them for making our streets safer, but sometimes, these same officers are found on the wrong side of the law and need Dallas DUI lawyers themselves. In this case, Senior Cpl. Johnathan Sharkey has been arrested and charged with DUI himself, according to a report by wfaa.com.

The arrest was made by officers belonging to the Wylie Police Department, where Sharkey has been working for the past 9 years. Since the arrest, Sharkey has been placed under administrative leave pending investigations by the Dallas Police Internal Affairs Division.

DUI laws in Dallas, Texas

Often, arresting officers make errors and arrest innocent citizens and charge them with DUI. This happens as a result of incompetent or under trained law enforcement officers and because of faulty sobriety testing techniques or equipment. For anyone facing such charges, it is important to protect yourselves, the first step to take would be to appoint an experienced and aggressive Dallas, TX DUI attorney who can be reach at this site that can tactfully disprove the false allegations made against you.