Driving drunk is irresponsible on many levels. To begin with, it is a bad decision which may cost you your life or a limb, but the thing that really gets to most is that someone’s bad decision may take away an innocent life or cause serious permanent injury to someone else. If that’s not sinister enough, some people have no regard even for the safety of their own children as they drive along while inebriated with a child or children in the car with them.

Chalupas taste good but nothing is worth these types of penalties and costs

As reported by MySanAntonio.com, a 21-year old woman named Joaquina Munoz-Vasquez has been accused of doing just that. She was apprehended by Georgetown Police after she crashed into another vehicle in the drive-through segment of a Taco Bell. According to State Law, even a first offense DWI may escalate to a felony charge punishable with a prison term of up to five years if the suspect had a minor under the age of 15 riding along with them as a passenger.

Vasquez is no exception and has been charged with two counts of felony DWI by prosecuting state attorneys. Supposedly she was not just drunk but was still drinking as she rear ended a car in front of her at a Taco Bell drive through line. Arresting officers that were dispatched as a response to the situation found an open beer container in Vasquez’s car. There are superlative attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com that can help someone who is facing these types of odds.


According to eye witness reports, the woman left a 7-Eleven store looking rather dazed and confused. They said she staggered along to her car and drove away. Apparently, she had parked at a handicap spot. Arresting officers smelled alcohol on her person and were shocked to see two children in the backseat when they peeped in for a look. Currently, the young woman is free after posting a $12,000 bond and is awaiting a court hearing.

Texas makes installation of ignition interlock devices for even first time offenders

As per a Mineral Wells Index report, the initial proposal was drafted by a State Representative named Jason Villalba. In his bill, he wanted the state to make it mandatory for even first time DWI offenders to install ignition interlock devices on all their vehicles. The passage of House Bill 2246 makes Texas one of the 24 states to have the legislation in effect. Arizona and New Mexico (among many others) also recognize the same law, according to Texas DWI attorneys.

The proponents said stated that Texas tops the charts when it comes to drunk driving deaths per year in the nation. They said that ignition interlock devices may potentially save thousands of lives. The bill has also been backed by MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Sports author faces 10 years in prison after 10th DWI conviction

Jim Dent, a well-known football columnist and author that has written plenty of books on Texas football faces a ten year prison sentence after his DWI attorney was unable to secure a plea agreement, as reported by Awful Announcing. Dent made things worse for him after he forfeited his bail and crossed the border in an attempt to escape to Mexico. He almost made it because there are plenty of places to hide in Mexico. Good thing he did not though, he needs to pay for the pain he inflicted.