A Phoenix woman identified as 24 year old Sugey Paola Mendoza Alarcon was apprehended by State Police earlier this week on Monday night for suspected drunken driving. The reason her DUI charge could be upgraded to an aggravated DUI charge is because she had a passenger in the car with her who is under the age of 15-years, as reported by Azfamily.com.

Out of control driver

According to police reports, Mendoza was speeding and driving between two lanes which is why she was stopped in the first place. The report did not specify how old exactly the passenger was, but did establish that the passenger was younger than 15-years old.

Police reports suggest that she was pulled over immediately after she almost ploughed into the median and other vehicles. Officers said that it was fortunate that the incident did not escalate to an accident and that they were glad no one had become injured due to her poor judgment.

After pulling her over, Mendoza was subjected to routine field sobriety tests which she failed and was consequentially taken into custody and held at Maricopa County Jail. Prosecutors have filed aggravated DUI charges and one count of child abuse against Mendoza.

DUI testing apparatus worth $90,000 not being used by law enforcement

According to a spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police Department, an expensive machine costing $90,000 may not be put in use for another six months or so.

As reported by Azcental.com, the machine was funded by hard working American tax payers. The technical term for the fancy machine is “blood-alcohol headspace gas chromatograph system”, the machine uses blood samples drawn from DUI suspects to determine what their blood alcohol content is and is said to be extremely accurate unlike the currently used breathalyzer machines.

The reason the machine is lying unused is because the Scottsdale Police Department’s crime lab lacks qualified personnel and analysts who are trained to operate the equipment and provide testimonials regarding the results in a court of law during trials.

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DUI laws – Arizona

In Arizona, when any person applies for a driving permit, they are technically also giving permission to the state to test their blood for alcohol or drug use if and when apprehended for suspected impaired driving. This, according to Phoenix AZ DUI attorneys is simply known as implied consent law. The law is not limited to blood tests and can also include screening of a person’s breath, urine or any other bodily element.

If the results of the sobriety test indicate that the person was in fact guilty of drunken or impaired driving and the person is convicted of DUI in a court of law, they are subjected to stringent consequences. These penalties vary depending on the degree of inebriation and whether or not the person has been guilty of drunken driving in the past.

For instance, motorists convicted of drunken driving for the first time may face a 10 day prison sentence, a fine of more than $1,250, and may be ordered by the court to attend alcohol and drug rehab program. They will also need to install ignition interlock devices on all of the vehicles they operate. Likewise, the penalties are progressively harsher (longer jail times, heavier fines) for repeat offenders.

To understand the legalities and the severity of the penalties fully, it is best for anyone charged with a DUI to consult an experienced Phoenix AZ DUI attorney who will also be able to help them strategize an impeccable defense.