According to a report, a 25-year old Missourian man identified as Peter Toth now faces multiple drunken driving related charges after having crashed his car while suspected to have been inebriated. The shocking part is that Toth made this horrendous decision to get behind the wheel even though his passenger was a helpless 2 month old infant whose life he put at risk due to his poor judgment call.

All in all, Toth now faces 5 charges. This includes operating while impaired, resisting arrest, attempting to physically assault a police officer, putting the life of a child at risk, and possession of drug related instruments (paraphernalia).

According to eye witnesses and police reports, the crash occurred on Clarkson Road near Lea Oak Drive while Toth was travelling in a westerly direction. Supposedly, he rear ended a car in front of him that stopped as there was traffic ahead of it. The impact of the collision sent the car that Toth collided with skidding along to smash the car in front of it. If that wasn’t enough, Toth got out of his vehicle right after the collision and started behaving aggressively towards the other driver even though the accident was solely his fault.


A biological attack

Toth proved to be a real troublemaker when the police arrived on scene and attempted to apprehend him. Allegedly, he even spat some blood onto one of the law enforcement officers faces as they were trying to subdue him.

Florissant resident faces 13th offense DUI charge

The laws concerning the crime of DUI in the state of Missouri have come under serious questioning after a man was arrested for the 13th time for driving drunk, as per a Fox2Now report.

We have all heard of a second offense DUI or even a fourth of fifth offense DUI but the fact that a man was still driving on the roads of Missouri despite having been arrested 12 times previously for drunken driving is just outright ridiculous.

The man has been identified as 60-year old Owen R. Tross. Tross has only been out of prison since last year after having served 2 years of an 8-year prison term as part of a special prison program.

In fact, the chronic alcoholic has been in and out of prison more times than he can count and. His bail has been set at $100,000.

DUI pointers – what to do when you are stopped

According to leading St. Charles Missouri DUI attorneys, a lot of people are unfairly arrested or stopped for DUI checks. They maintain that such charges are beatable in a court of law as long as the suspect remembers not to do anything wild or stupid while being stopped and interrogated.

Here are some things you can do to mitigate the risk of a conviction. To begin with, everyone has a right to remain silent and sometimes it is best to remain silent. Anything that a suspect says to the officer can be used against them in a court of law and hence it is best to remain diplomatic and give the officer the least possible information. A polite way of doing this is by asking the officer to talk to your St. Charles Missouri DUI attorney.

Another thing people tend to forget is that they do not have to agree to a field sobriety test. They can politely refuse one by telling the officer that they do not wish to be subjected to any tests without having consulted their attorney first. This may bother many people that they have this right but if you are in a situation like this you can find legal help at the astounding website