25 year old Jacob Close has been wanted for jumping bail after he was charged with DUI after an arrest in New York a few years ago. He was supposed to post a bail of $25,000, as reported by NY Daily News.

Unfortunately for Close, he was probably not vigilant enough after he made comments to a local newspaper and allowed them to print his comments with his picture which lead to his arrest and extradition to New York. Close should have employed the website USAttorneys.com since the DUI attorneys on this site would have given him better advice as they do all their clients.

He will be prosecuted and you can bet your bottom dollar that the law enforcement authorities will keep a close watch on him this time around.

The article in the newspaper was regarding a Washington football team that plays in the NFL and calls themselves the Redskins. However, the name Redskins has caught a lot of negative publicity as people are asking for it to be changed to something else as the current name, they say, insinuates racist slang.


Close was asked by the interviewer if he thought the team should change their name. Close thought he was being cheeky, witty, and funny when he replied “I think they should keep the same name, but change their mascot to a potato”. However, we doubt he had much to laugh about when campus police apprehended the 25 year old Bloomsburg student at the recreational center of his Pennsylvania college in connection with the DUI arrest he was involved in years ago in Ithaca.

He has now been transported to Columbia County Prison on $25,000 pending bail and is scheduled for a court hearing soon. It is not entirely clear whether he has a DUI attorney to represent him or if he will need to be appointed one by the state. If he wants a fantastic DUI attorney, the website http://www.hummelandlewis.com/ is the answer.

Pennsylvanian father arrested for drunk driving with two of his children in the car

Choosing to get behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages is a poor decision but the fact that perpetrators not only put themselves at risk but also put the lives of their passengers and other pedestrians at risk is simply unjustifiable, according to Pennlive.com.

Another thing that is unjustifiable is the actions of 44 year old father Mauro Martinez of Easton who was arrested and charged with DUI after he was caught by arresting officers at an ungodly hour with his two children, aged 5 and 6, in the car with him. Officers pulled him over and subjected him to sobriety and breath tests after they witnessed his car cross the median and narrowly miss on-coming traffic.


Pennsylvania DUI laws

Drunken driving has continued to be a growing issue in the state of Pennsylvania despite the best efforts of non-government organizations and law enforcement authorities to spread awareness about the potential dangers of drunken driving. According to shining Pennsylvania DUI attorneys who can be found right here http://www.hummelandlewis.com/, therefore, there are severe punishments in place for those that violate DUI laws.

This includes and is not limited to prison sentences, fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, mandatory alcohol counseling. Therefore, if you or anyone you know may have been unfairly or wrongly charged with DUI related charges (which happens more often than one would be led to believe) it is important to appoint an aggressive Bloomsburg PA DUI attorney and get started preparing a solid defense to beat your DUI case. One of those lawyers can be reached right here.