Authorities of the Nevada Highway Patrol in Las Vegas have declared that 26 year old driver Arian Galindo has been prosecuted with two counts of DUI causing death, a traffic violation, and failure to wear a traffic belt. Galindo was transported to hospital right away after the accident for treatment but has been booked in absentia at the Clark County Detention Center, as reported by

Galindo just threw away his life

As per witness reports and concurring arrest reports, Galindo was speeding when his car ploughed into one car after the other like a pinball. The chain accident resulted in the unfortunate death of two men. The deceased have been identified as 52 year old John Rodda and 34 year old Sharrod Hightower. According to witnesses, Rodda had just dropped off his daughter and granddaughter when he was hit by a possibly drunk driver.

Not only was Galindo speeding and drunk, according to investigators, he had even shot past two red lights just moments before causing the fatal crash.

Two other persons sustained moderate injuries and are being treated currently at University Medical Center and are said to be in stable condition. The perpetrator, however, is in critical condition and is also being treated at University Medical Center. It is not clear whether he has a DUI attorney or will need to be appointed one by the state. The perpetrator may not have the wherewithal to use this site for his DUI defense but the victims certainly can and should. The site is and is a leading legal website in America.

Larry Joe Reid, brother of dishonorable US senator Harry Reid, does not challenge two DUI related charges

73 year old Larry Joe Reid was not present in the court but his DUI attorney entered no contest pleas to misdemeanor drunken driving charges for an incident that occurred almost half a year ago, as reported by His attorney also paid a sum of $1,200 in fines and provided the judge with documentation to prove that Reid had completed his mandatory alcohol and victim impact counselling course.

The attorney commented saying that his client was content with the decision of the court to fine him and impose other penalties for his actions. Reid does not have to serve any jail time or probation.


In the drunken driving incident, according to arrest reports, Reid attempted to drive away with a law enforcement officer hanging onto the side of his car for dear life. Furthermore, Reid even punched the officer after he managed to stretch across the steering wheel and put the car in park and take away the car keys.

What not to do when arrested for DUI

There are some certain things you should avoid by all means when arrested for DUI according to leading Las Vegas NV DUI attorneys who can be reached and found right here: To begin with, it is huge mistake to not take your charges seriously. If you are convicted for DUI, you to stand to lose on all fronts, including your personal, professional, and social life.

Secondly, thinking you can handle your case by yourself and that you do not need an attorney is a common error people make to save on legal fees. They end up losing the case and spend a lot more on counselling, fines, and getting their license reissued. The bottom line is that outstanding DUI attorneys who can put up a defense better than the 1989 Detroit Pistons and who can be found right here, are experts on the subject. This is why you need one beside you through every step of this process.