30-year old Vanessa Marie Stuart faces charges of manslaughter and driving under the influence. Prior to this arrest, the woman has never had any trouble with the law and had a clean slate. Accident investigators believe that alcohol and speeding had ultimately caused the fatal car crash.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night on the eastbound lanes of interstate 10 close to the 37 mile marker. The 51-year old victim Tifanny M. Howell was pronounced dead at the site of the car crash. According to Calera AL DUI attorneys, first time DUI offenders may not face a jail term but can have their driver’s license suspended for 90 days and subjected to fines ranging from $600 to $2,100. However, vehicular manslaughter can result in more serious consequences that require the expertise of a DUI attorney.

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Woman facing manslaughter charge to post $150,000 bond

Vanessa Marie Stuart has been charged with manslaughter and driving under the influence after she drove into another car on the eastbound lanes of interstate 10 which killed 51-year old Tifanny M. Howell. Stuart is from Daphne and Howell from Bay Minette.

The 30-year old drunk driver will have to approach a recognized and licensed Alabama bonding company to post her bonds. Her bonds have been set at $150,000 and $250,000 for manslaughter and driving under the influence respectively. It is not known whether the woman and her DUI attorney will contest the charges.

As an added precaution the accused has been placed under house arrest. She has also been installed with a GPS ankle monitoring and alcohol ankle monitoring system which will notify authorities if she consumes any alcoholic beverages. She has also been ordered not to visit pubs, bars, and other alcohol selling businesses. Why even allow her to walk free?

Teacher with bad rep finds way back to teaching

DeAndre Gerard Hill is a 32-year old teacher who has gotten into considerable trouble with the law in the past. The teacher had pleaded guilty in 2012 to charges of breaking and entering a vehicle and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These previous charges resurfaced when Hill was arrested once again for making sexual contact with a 19-year old school student while being an employee of the school. Reportedly, Hill also was involved in an indecent exposure case in a school he had previously taught in.

The Mobile County Public School System had followed standard operating procedure to run background checks on the man before hiring him. Interestingly, when his profile was checked in the online Alabama State Department of Education’s portal, none of his prior arrests showed up. This was because the database on the portal had not been updated with this new information.

The Department has since appointed a person specifically to ensure that such databases and portals are updated in a timely manner. This should only take someone about 2 minutes to do. You would think anyone conducting the background check could do this themselves.

School district finally up to speed

Hill, who managed to secure a job as a language arts teacher in Denton Middle School by staying under the radar despite his convictions, has now been placed on an indefinite administrative leave. It is almost certain that the teacher will remain on administrative leave until the Alabama State Department of Education is successful in getting his teaching certifications revoked, a procedure that may take up to a year. This would take about two days in the private sector but bureaucracies take a little longer.