An erratic driver identified as 33-year old Ronald E. Hollander created a ruckus as he led Florence police on a high speed chase through a school zone when the school had just closed for the day and students were making their way home. Hollander was finally pulled over and apprehended by the cops who ran his details and realized that he was involved in a similar police chase only a few weeks ago, as reported by

Many people want Hollander put down for good now; shows total disdain for children

According to police reports, Hollander was driving at speeds of up to 80 mph in a school zone and hence was putting school children at risk. According to the arrest report, the erratic driving was especially risky as the whole event happened during dismissal time when there was a good chance that there would be many students crossing the street.

Hollander has been booked and faces charges of reckless endangerment, evading police, and resisting arrest. Only a few weeks ago, the 33-year old had pleaded guilty to a police chase only a couple of weeks before this incident. Hollander may have used the marvelous website because it is amazing that the law book has not already been thrown at him. There are fantastic local lawyers on this site.

The latest arrest is in fact Hollander’s third car chase within a period of five years. If convicted, he may be faced with his longest prison sentence yet. But it will not be long enough.

Dothan city attorney charged with DUI and carrying weapon without permit

50-year old Valerie Dawson, an attorney from Dothan, has been arrested and faces charges of DUI and a weapons violation after she was discovered to be carrying a handgun without permission. She was arrested following calls which came in reporting a single car crash earlier this week.

According to a Dothan Eagle report, when police got to the accident site at 100 block of West Crawford Street they found Dawson’s jeep had ploughed into a fence. Consequently, she was asked to take field sobriety tests and a blood alcohol content test, both of which she failed.

Hartselle mayor charged with DUI

Don Hall, the mayor of Morgan County’s second largest city Hartselle, initially pleaded with no contest to a driving under the influence charge but it has been revealed that his DUI attorney is going to now appeal the conviction in an attempt to reverse the Court’s verdict, according to an news report.

Hall was handed a 2 month imprisonment sentence and was also given two years of probation according to Court records.

Alabama State Police Officers had pulled over and arrested Hall after they had spotted his vehicle travelling in an erratic fashion on September of 2014.

Hire a Florence, Alabama DUI attorney

Often, people are wrongfully arrested and charged with DUI’s. This happens as a result of faulty breathalyzers and biased police officers. If you or someone you know find yourself in such a predicament, do not lose hope. All you need is an experienced Florence AL DUI attorney who can prove your innocence without a shadow of a doubt.

If convicted of a DUI, or if you plead guilty to a DUI you may face jail time, hefty fines, mandatory counselling, and you may even have to install ignition interlock devices on all your vehicles. Also, your public record will be forever tainted. Hence, it would be very wise to consult a DUI attorney even if you feel like the evidence against you is concrete.