A traffic stop on Interstate 87 was executed since the number plate of a vehicle came back for multiple traffic violations. However, the stop then turned into a DUI arrest as the 36 year old driver tested positive in sobriety tests, as reported by rocklandtimes.com.

The suspect has been identified in police documents as 36 year old Robert W. Harlow. He seemed clearly visibly inebriated and was thus transported to and processed at State Police Monroe where he was subjected to sobriety testing where it was determined that his blood alcohol content was 0.19% BAC which is more than twice the maximum legal permissible amount of 0.08% BAC in the state according to Lockport, NY DUI lawyers.

In addition to his many pending traffic violation charges, Harlow has also been charged with a misdemeanor and aggravated DUI. He was allowed to leave the jail when a sober third party showed up to collect him. He has been issued an appearance ticket which is returnable to the town of Tuxedo court.

New York Judge Convicted of DUI Violates Terms

An upstate New York judge is back in court after having violated the terms of her sentence when she drove drunk and had her daughter blow into the ignition interlock device and then proceed to drive while inebriated, according to a newyorkupstate.com report.

We have come to expect better from judges, but sometimes even the best of us make some horrible decisions, point out expert New York DUI attorneys. The suspect in the case has been identified as Judge Leticia Astacio and she was found seated in her car on Route 490 with her engine still running and two of her tires were blown out according to arresting officers who found her. Not good judgment judge!

She had been convicted of misdemeanor DUI back in August and had to have her car installed with an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock device basically does not allow for the car engine to start unless and until you breathe into it and it determines that your blood alcohol content is below the limit. However, this machine did not seem to stop the judge as she had her own daughter blow into the machine and started the car and drove away.

Astacio will have to seek and complete a drug and alcohol dependency course or counseling. Some people are wondering why she is not going to be fired? How can a judge be working that has this much lack of constraint and very little apparent will power? It must be a New York thing where government employees have jobs pretty much no matter what.

Why You need a DUI Lawyer

If you are arrested or charged with a DUI, you need to defend yourself as best you can or face the consequences of a DUI conviction which can be very serious indeed.

A fantastic and astute Lockport, NY DUI lawyer will be able to get you the best outcome. But the onus is on you to seek professional help and reach out to a legal pro before it is too late. Most likely they will not call you!