The man facing the charges has been identified as 40-year old Abraham Lebron. As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, he will be tried for DUI causing death and one count of hit and run, if convicted, Lebron could be looking at nearly 5 plus years of jail time.

Incredible, only 5 years!

According to investigators and police authorities, the cyclist was attempting to cross Sahara Avenue at the Mohawk Street intersection when he was hit by a Hyundai Accent – 2008 make. The sedan driven by Lebron was heading in a westerly direction at the time of the collision.

The cyclist’s identity has been confirmed by medical examiners and Vegas Police but they have not released this information as the family of the victim needs to be informed of the bad news first. The cyclist was inflicted with serious injuries and was rushed to a nearby medical facility called UMC trauma center, he was declared dead by medical staff at UMC trauma center hardly an hour after he was brought in.



The driver of the Accent, Abraham Lebron, is said to have made the run for it initially, apparently he drove away erratically but he later turned himself in to the police by confessing that he was the one that hit the cyclist.

It is not sure whether Lebron has a DUI attorney to defend him or whether he will need to be appointed one. It also seems likely that he may plead guilty or with no defense given that he turned himself in. He should turn himself over to to find a DUI attorney ready to accept his case. This site is the virtual powerhouse.

21-year old Thayne woman arrested for drunken driving charged with child endangerment

As reported by, the suspect in the case has been identified and is attracting a lot of frowns after it was revealed that not only was she driving drunk but also had a child in the backseat that was not properly restrained by a seatbelt.

The woman has been identified as 21-year old Emily A Taylor and she was initially signaled to stop by a law enforcement officer for speeding on a Nevada Highway. According to the arresting officer, the car was occupied by five people in total -the driver Taylor, two adult males and two boys, 5 and 8 years old. According to the arresting officer, the younger boy was not wearing a seatbelt. Taylor is currently being held in custody in lieu of a $101,560 bond.

Nevada DUI laws

Nevada has very clear and concise laws when it comes to the issue of drunken driving which is considered the biggest public safety threat in the State. According to Nevada DUI attorneys at, an adult with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% operating a non-commercial vehicle is said to be committing a DUI. Offenders can be penalized with prison sentences, fines, counselling at their own expense, ankle bracelets, installation of interlock devices on all of their vehicles, etc. Penalties get more severe depending on prior DUI convictions.

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