For some people, the habit is so deeply ingrained that no amount of punishment, fines, and restrictions can stop them from the act of drunken driving. With DUI laws around the nation getting tighter every year, it still seems impossible to get these habitual offenders to stop committing the crime.

According to a Mitchell Republic report, a 42-year old man from Mitchell has been accused of drunken driving for the sixth time and already has 5 previous convictions. The man has been identified as Bryan Beacom.

Beacom is highly irresponsible

Supposedly, all six crimes were committed within the previous 25-years. How Beacom was still allowed to drive after the fourth and the fifth time is a mystery to anyone. In his most recent arrest, officers have testified that they followed Beacom’s speeding car (57 mph in a 45 mph zone) into a private driveway and saw people shuffling inside the car. Supposedly, they switched drivers to try and trick the officers into believing that it wasn’t Beacom who was driving.

However, the street smart officers knew exactly what was going on and got the passenger to confess that it was in fact Beacom who was operating the vehicle as the officers had followed them. Beacom’s blood alcohol content registered at 0.166, way higher than the legal limit for driving of 0.08. He refused to give any other sobriety tests. According to Rapid City SD DUI attorneys, if convicted, he could face 10 years in prison. Also a fine of up to $20,000 may be levied.

Why was the sober driver not driving in the first place?! Stupidity cannot never be reasoned for. This is why there are committed local attorneys out there that can be found on the fabulous website ready to help people in ways they cannot even legally imagine. Even someone as reckless as Beacom can be helped a little though there are some people who believe someone like him should be confined forever or just executed.

Female driver charged for fleeing from police while DUI and causing a crash in the process

As reported by KDLT, 28-year old Kenna Bridwell, a resident of Eagle Butte, has been handed a prison sentence of one year and one day following a car crash she caused while attempting to evade police officers. According to arresting officers, the drunken driver rear ended another car and seriously injured one of the other cars passengers in the process as she tried to get away from a Cheyenne River Sioux officer.

The incident happened over a year ago following which Bridwell pleaded guilty. Her official charge is assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

A ridiculous South Dakota Supreme Court ruling on implied consent in DUI arrests

There has been a revolution in how South Dakota law enforcement officers are allowed to arrest and collect evidence against drunken drivers. According to Rapid City DUI attorneys, officers can now only draw blood with prior due consent from the suspect or with a judge signed search warrant (if probable cause exists). Prior to the ruling, officers would draw blood from the suspects by assuming that they had given consent just by pulling them over. The ruling has now called this practice unconstitutional and has outlawed such forceful blood withdrawals.

By the time the warrant is obtained the BAC will be much lower. Driving is a privilege, not a right. According to many people, this new rule has just endangered everyone.

Good news

State Police authorities are not deterred by the new law; they say that they will get the blood sample either way if probable cause exists. It is not a very difficult to obtain a search warrant they say. Their advice to motorists is just not to drive drunk.