Prosecutors that have filed charges against a 44-year old man from Mt. Clements, Brian Charbeneau, are convinced that he should receive the maximum penalty that can be enforced by the law. They are asking the judge to sentence him to at least five years behind bars, as reported by CBS Local.

Locking him up will probably help him as well – Brian Charbeneau is a weak person

According to a prosecuting attorneys, a first offense or even second offense DUI is understandable but when someone has been convicted five times in the past and still make the decision to get behind the wheel while inebriated are clearly chronic alcoholics that have a deeply ingrained problem and are not going to stop drinking and driving. They are a threat to public safety and the only option left is to lock them up behind bars before they kill themselves or others.

The last time Charbeneau was arrested for drunken driving, arresting law enforcement officers found him blacked out behind the wheel with his car engine still running. If you have ever been a victim of a drunk driver, was designed for you. There are some focused and righteous lawyers on this site ready to a stand with you.

Impaired driving said to have been a factor in accident involving a fuel tanker

An accident involving a fuel tanker and a car that occurred this weekend has resulted in one person sustaining serious injuries. According to CBS Local, the crash was caused by suspected impaired driving.  It occurred in the proximity of North Perry and Parkwood in Pontiac County. Police reports indicate that a massive fuel tanker carrying nearly eight thousand gallons of highly flammable fuel was departing a fuel station when a Mazda 6 (2007 model) ploughed into the truck. The crash happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning at around 4 am.

The Mazda was occupied by 31-year old woman, who was the driver, and a 36-year old man who was seated in the front passenger seat. The car is said to have become a mangled version of itself due to the impact and both occupants had to be removed by rescue operators.


The female driver was suspected to have been drunk. Authorities await blood test results. Currently, she is in a critical yet stable condition. The male passenger is said to be in stable condition while the driver of the fuel tanker did not sustain any injuries.

The identities of the victims have not been released; it seems likely that charges will be filed against the female driver depending on the blood test results.

DUI laws in Michigan

Like in any other state in the country, drunken driving is a prevalent public safety issue in Michigan where not a night goes by without a DUI arrest somewhere in the State. The state law surrounding DUI is rather comprehensive and attempts to thwart the issue the best that it can. If you or a loved one faces charges of drunken driving or are a victim it is prudent to consult an experienced Michigan DUI attorney as soon as possible and one can be reach right here.

Michigan state law dictates that any adult driving a private non-commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher is essentially driving drunk. BAC levels for younger drivers and drivers of commercial vehicles are even lower.

Anybody that is convicted of drunk driving may face an array of consequences including but not limited to jail time, fines, ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets and alcohol counselling programs. The extent of the punishment will depend not only on how many times they have been convicted of DUI previously but also on their BAC. If you need an attorney pertaining to any of this you can find a fantastic one right here: