One car ran a red light and caused mayhem at a North Las Vegas intersection on Sunday evening which has resulted in the death of two persons, as reported by

According to the law enforcement authorities, the driver who ran the red light was a 26-year old local Las Vegas man who was operating a 2007 Toyota pickup truck. He supposedly entered the intersection even though he was at a red light in the proximity of Lamb Boulevard near Interstate 15. Witnesses claim that the pickup truck was travelling way over the speed limit and might have been doing over a 100mph when it ran the red light, which led to the fatal chain collision.

The cars involved in the crash have been identified as a 2009 Honda pickup (the car which the Toyota initially slammed into), a 2009 Ford Fusion (which also the Toyota pickup hit directly), a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe (which was hit by the Fusion), and finally a 2000 Ford Expedition which was struck by debris flying off due to the impact of the collisions.

Two deceased identified by authorities

The deceased drivers have been identified as 34-year old Elmer Hightower, the driver of the Ford Fusion 2009, and 52-year old Kirk Rodda, who was behind the wheel of the Honda.


Rodda and Hightower were both declared dead on site by emergency medical technicians. Rodda succumbed to multiple blunt force trauma while Hightower’s official reason for death is not known at this time.

The 26-year old driver of the speeding Toyota Pickup is in a critical condition and is being treated for possible life threatening injuries at the University Medical Center.

According to DUI attorneys, the driver of the Toyota will be charged with failing to yield to red light, speeding, and depending on pending toxicology results, possibly drunken driving causing injury and death charges. Many people believe he should never get out of prison.

US Disgraced Senator Harry Reid’s brother pleads with no contest to DUI charge

US Senator Harry Reid’s (who admitted to lying to help President Obama win the 2012 election which was a disgrace to his position and American democracy) 73-year old brother has entered a no contest plea to DUI charges filed against him pertaining to an arrest that was made five months ago, as reported by

Larry Joe Reid has, according to court documents, been instructed to pay fines adding up to $1,200. Many people believe he should pay more considering the policies his brother has voted for which have proven terrible for the country.

Las Vegas DUI legislation

Being the infamous Sin City where drinking, gambling, and partying till the sun comes up is customary all year round; Las Vegas has its fair share of DUI offenders. Law enforcement officers are always alert to net those who make the poor decision of getting get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks. Despite their efforts, drunken driving is rampant and arrests happen virtually every night.

Offenders are dealt with severely. According to DUI attorneys, if convicted of DUI causing bodily injury or death, the offender may be looking at a prison sentence of 2 to 20 years. They may also be fined up to $5,000. It is therefore very important for anyone faced with DUI related charges to appoint an experienced and aggressive Las Vegas DUI attorney in order to build a solid defense. If you need one there is a site for you. That site is and there a plenitude of fantastic and knowledgeable DUI lawyers if you find yourself either as a victim or if you are the alleged perpetrator.