Timothy Miller from Rapid City caused a ruckus in parts of north-east Rapid City earlier this week. The man was spotted around 4:15 pm driving in an erratic fashion before a routine DUI checkpoint. He did not yield to officers who signaled at him to stop and instead sped away.

The police officers followed him in a high speed chase. The eluding driver allegedly crashed into another car at the Campbell Street and East North Street intersection but even that did not deter his motivation to get away from pursuing officers as he continued to drive his 2006 Dodge Dakota at high speeds. Officers and witnesses said that at one point they were travelling at speeds of over 100 mph.

Finally, spike strips had to be deployed to stop the evading driver. Officers confirmed that they needed to use a taser because the man was highly uncooperative and extremely intoxicated.

South Dakota man to serve 30 years in prison for drunken-driving and vehicular homicide

30-year old Ronald Fisher Jr. has been sentenced 30 years for an accident that killed two federal wildlife researchers. Reportedly, Fisher was driving under the influence and failed to yield at a stop sign. His car then entered a parking lot where it collided with and killed two US Fish and Wildlife service employees.

The deceased were identified as 25-year old Maegan Spindler and 46-year old Robert Klumbe. The pair was in the area conducting tests on the Missouri River for research purposes. Spindler hailed from Cazenovia, New York and Klumbe from Pierre.

Apart from the charges of vehicular homicide and DUI, Fisher has also been charged with possession of marijuana and ingesting it in an attempt to conceal it. Yes, Fisher is irresponsible.

South Dakota lawmakers considering ways to curb DUI offenses

Information taken from police records and DUI attorney offices reveal that on an average there are 7,000 DUI-related arrests in the state every year and almost half of those offenders are not first time offenders. The fact that the number has refused to steadily decline over the years irrespective of efforts put in by lawmakers and law enforcement officers has become a cause for concern among state authorities.

They now deliberate and debate as to what possible measures could potentially reduce the problem of drunken driving. Some suggest installing breathalyzers on all cars, but understandably, the idea has been countered with the argument that the unit is not inexpensive and people that choose not to drink and drive should not be subjected to the unfair expense. Others have suggested lowering the BAC limit from its current limit of 0.8.

The consequences for drunken driving according to Rapid City SD DUI attorneys are already substantial. First and second time offenders can face fines ranging from $200-$500 and mandatory participation in counseling which will cost them an additional $1,500. In addition, after a DUI arrest, insurance premiums may double. Despite these stringent penalties, there is no significant decrease in the number of people that are being arrested for drunken driving related offenses and this has left the authorities a bit perplexed.

Respected DUI South Dakota defense attorney

Drunken-driving is a unique crime in the sense that it is not necessarily dangerous criminals that commit the offense. In fact, the majority of drunken driving arrests include normal, middle-class, hardworking Americans from all age groups.

In South Dakota the penalties for DUI offenders are harsh. Hundreds of dollars in fines, increased insurance premium rates, expensive drug/alcohol counseling, regular sobriety testing, suspension of license, and possible jail time is not something anyone signing up to participate in. If you are in need of services of an outstanding DUI attorney in Rapid City, log on to USAttorneys.com.

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