A 56-year old man from Minden identified as Michael F. Trute has been on the run since November 11th 2014 when he caused a drunken driving accident which led to serious injuries sustained by one person. The victim eventually succumbed to injuries.

Ever since this crash, a felony warrant for the arrest of Trute was issued and he had been missing. However, surprisingly, out of the blue, Trute turned himself into the Carson City Police Department on 2nd July 2015, nearly 8 months after the fatal motorcycle accident in which he was involved, as reported by kolotv.com. There is nothing wrong with being contrite! Some of the best DUI attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com even promote this quality in their clients.


State prosecutors have filed the DUI causing substantial bodily harm charge against Minden.

As per police reports compiled by the Nevada Highway Patrol, Trute was riding his Harley Davidson motorbike drunk and was travelling on Stewart Street when he lost control and hit a 66 – year old man, Michael Shields.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement apprehends 25 illegal immigrant criminals

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement department has come under much praise after their four day operation to net convicted criminals who were also illegal immigrants in the country was a huge success, according to news3lv.com.

The operations wrapped up last Sunday in Clark County and the authorities declared that they had apprehended 25 alien criminals. Among those caught were child molesters and convicted drug smugglers/peddlers.

President Obama will probably release them soon though

Reportedly, the operation focused on catching individuals who were classified as high risk to public safety. The persons arrested have a wide range of criminal convictions. These crimes include but are not limited to sexual assault, drunken driving, drug dealing, child molestation etc. Majority of the arrested convicts were Mexican citizens but there were also citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, Philippines, and Cuba.

Deporting them is not the answer. Some people believe they should be executed since no country wants them.

DUI legislation – Nevada

Like anywhere else in the country, it is a punishable offense to drink and drive in the State of Nevada. What classifies as a DUI? According to Las Vegas DUI attorneys who can be found on right here at http://www.macelaw.com/ which is a cool website, for an adult driving a non-commercial vehicle, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher is regarded as a DUI.

Especially with the notions attached to the city of Las Vegas, drink and drive is a major issue and law enforcement officers come across and apprehend several drunken drivers every single night in Sin City.

Despite heavy campaigning against drunken driving, and despite city authorities and private companies providing several services exclusively for intercity transport, drunken driving persists and it does not look like it will go away anytime soon.

Penalties for drunken driving vary depending on prior DUI convictions and the severity of the DUI in question (was anyone injured or killed? how high was the blood alcohol content? and more).

Penalties include but are not limited to prison time, fines, alcohol drug counselling programs, installation of ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, and so on.

However, there are cases where a person maybe wrongly or unfairly charged with a DUI. It is critical for people in such a predicament to appoint an experienced Las Vegas NV DUI attorney and work on beating their DUI case. An attorney of this caliber can be found right here.