Kelly McCord maybe 61 years old but the senior has proven to a real handful for law enforcement and prosecutors. She was recently apprehended and taken into custody for suspected drunken driving. The senior has 8 prior DUI convictions and her defense simply could not over power the obvious fact that she had a serious problem with alcohol.

Take her freedom away

After evidence against her was presented in court, the judge ruled that she was guilty of DUI yet again, making it her 9th DUI conviction. She was consequentially handed a prison term of 9 years, according to a report.

According to court documents, of her 9 convictions, 7 were in Illinois and 2 were in Texas. She was also previously given a 4 year prison sentence back in 2005. The senior woman’s blood alcohol registered a staggering 0.204%, which is almost two and a half times more than the maximum legal limit to drive in Illinois, as per Herrin IL DUI attorneys.

Illinois man confesses to aggravated DUI

A 45 year old man, Shawn Johnson, has pleaded guilty to an aggravated DUI charge. Johnson is from Carbondale, Illinois and admitted to have been driving drunk earlier this week on Monday, as per a report.

Smart policing

According to court documents, Johnson’s record is plagued with DUIs and has been convicted three times. Johnson’s arrest was not the conventional DUI arrest. He was actually reported as a drunk driver by a caller. When responding police officers arrived at the scene, Johnson was parked. Since the police need a reason to stop him and subject him to sobriety tests, they waited till he drove off and observed that he had not worn his seat belt, which is a traffic violation. Hence they were able to constitutionally pull him over and ask him to undertake field sobriety tests that he failed.


An Illinois Judge handed him a three year prison term. Additionally, he will remain under supervision for 10 years after his release from prison. Before you are caught up in the system and charged, you should visit You may think the world cannot become any darker for you but without committed legal representation it can actually get worse.

Newly proposed DUI bill headed to governor Rauner’s table for approval

State legislators have drafted a DUI bill which essentially improves on the already existing DUI laws of the state, as reported by The bill was primarily the work of Secretary of State Jesse White but has received backing from State Rep John D’Amico and State Senators Steve Stadelman and Jason Barickman.

As per DUI attorneys who have reviewed the bill, the primary goal of the bill is to ensure more convicted DUI offenders are made to enroll into the state’s breath alcohol ignition interlock device program.

DUI laws – Illinois

According to Herrin IL DUI attorneys, like several other states in the country, Illinois has adopted the implied consent law. Essentially this means that anyone who applies for a driving license in the state is assumed to have given consent to sobriety testing by blood, urine, or breath or a combination of the three. The suspect does not get a say in what type of testing they would like to be subjected to. It is solely the decision of the arresting officer.

However, even if the arresting officer has collected bodily evidence from a person for the purpose of prosecution, it is still possible to beat a DUI charge, an experienced Herrin IL DUI attorney will be able to tactfully disprove allegations and clear their client’s name.