A man identified as 22-year old William Sampson was killed in a fatal car crash that occurred on a Fremont Highway on the 16th August 2014. The driver that killed him has been identified as 23-year old Melissa Fan Ho.

Melissa Fan Ho is a murderer

As reported by Mercurynews.com, supporters, friends and relatives of Sampson are clearly unhappy with the fact that Ho was not subjected to blood and other sobriety testing techniques by law enforcement officers to determine the amount and type of drugs or alcohol in her system. Ho even carried a DUI conviction prior to driving her car into William Sampson and killing him on the right shoulder of the highway while he was parked and standing outside his car assisting a friend with a flat tire change his tire.

The fact that Ho was driving impaired even though she had been cited and convicted of DUI previously is what enraged protestors as they stood outside the Fremont Hall of Justice and demanded that Ho be subjected to more serious charges and penalties.

At the moment, a Freemont Judge has ruled Ho guilty of the following charges – Vehicular Manslaughter, gross negligence, and two counts of reckless driving causing serious bodily injury/death.

According to the prosecution, not only was Ho responsible for killing young William Sampson but the accident also seriously and permanently injured a tow-truck driver that was at the scene assisting with the flat tire also. The tow truck driver suffered multiple leg fractures and even a broken nose, he cannot walk properly to this day and his leg is supported by metal rods and plates. Any Sacramento, CA DUI would go after someone like Ho for obvious reasons.


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Political correctness the reason for the light charges?

Ho herself sustained head injuries and other internal wounds after the crash. She was rushed to Regional Medical Center in San Jose for treatment. It was while she was admitted at Regional Medical Center that her blood was tested and came back positive for multiple illegal narcotic drugs. William Sampsons’ parents are in disagreement with the convictions. They feel Ho should have been charged with DUI vehicular manslaughter. But she is Chinese. Many people have moved out of California for these reasons. Political correctness has infected the criminal justice system.

Man passes away in gas station accident

A senior man believed to be in his late 70’s was killed after being hit by a car while at a gas station. The identity of the deceased man has not been declared since officer’s first need to inform the man’s family before releasing his identity, according to Sacbee.com. The car that hit the man also struck another woman who was in her fifties. She was rushed to hospital and is currently being treated for minor injuries and is said to be in a stable state and is expected to recuperate fully soon.

DUI legislation – California

It is vital that anyone who maybe wrongfully charged with DUI consult an experienced and aggressive Sacramento CA DUI attorney and work on building their defense and beating their DUI case. If convicted, DUI offenders maybe subjected to hefty fines, jail time, alcohol counselling, community service, ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets etc.

Apart from the above mentioned penalties and consequences, the offender’s character will be permanently tarnished and it will inevitably impact his or her professional, social, and personal lives.