An Altoona, PA woman is facing a hefty amount of charges after she decided it was okay to get behind the wheel of her SUV and drive drunk. According to Altoona Mirror, Carly D. Sullivan had a few drinks at the Sun and Moon Bar on the 1600 block of 12th Avenue and was witnessed by police as she staggered out of the bar. The Altoona Police who saw Sullivan leave the bar followed her in a marked patrol car equipped with a dash cam. Sullivan proceeded on and sped through a red light and made “a sweeping right turn” right before officials pulled her over. helps individuals who have been charged with a DUI find and retain the best DUI attorneys in the state of Pennsylvania.

DUI charges can be rather harsh, especially if other offenses were committed while driving under the influence.  If you or someone you know was charged with DUI and are facing severe consequences, contact today and get paired up with a local Altoona DUI lawyer who can represent you and defend your rights. 

The trouble didn’t end there for Sullivan. According to police reports, Sullivan did not comply when officers asked her to put her window down. She opened it only enough to leave a small space and then fumbled to provide police with her license, registration, and insurance. She even asked them “what she was looking for” as she searched through her purse. Although the Altoona officers who pulled Sullivan over knew she had been driving drunk, her slurred speech and refusal to take part in a field sobriety test helped them to confirm their claims.

Officers then attempted to arrest Sullivan who was scared they were going to shoot and kill her, and she began to resist. “She clung to the steering wheel and fought with officers.” Sullivan even kicked an officer in the groin twice. They had no choice but to pepper spray her, which didn’t have the effect they wanted. She continued to struggle and resist until police finally managed to get her in the back of their vehicle. The resisting did not stop there. When she arrived to the station, she did not consent to a blood test nor would she identify herself.

Eventually, her identify was confirmed and she is now facing the following charges:

  • Two felony counts of aggravated assault of a police officer
  • Two counts of misdemeanor resisting arrest
  • Misdemeanor counts of DUI
  • Obstruction of law enforcement
  • Simple assault

Sullivan, who could have only been charged with the minimum penalty for DUI had it been her first offense, is now facing several charges and will indefinitely need to hire a Pennsylvania DUI attorney to represent her if she wants to attempt to get her charges reduced.

Being charged with a DUI can ultimately change your life. Some face prison time while others aren’t able to operate a vehicle. In the event you or a loved one is currently facing similar charges, speak with a DUI lawyer in Altoona today who may be able to help you.