A DUI defense attorney that is legally licensed to practice law in Massachusetts who mostly spends his time defending his clients against DUI charges now faces DUI charges himself, as reported by the Daily Caller.

The man has been identified in court documents as 33-year old Benjamin Urbelis from Boston. He was charged with DUI after what was supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable boat ride turned into a catastrophic event where a woman lost her arm when it came in contact with the propeller blades of the boats engine.

Do not get out of a boat with the engine still running!

The injured has been identified as 19-year old Nicole Berthiuame who supposedly dived into the water to collect a cushion that had fallen off the boat and had ended up in the water. She managed to collect the cushion but tragedy struck when she attempted to lift herself back into the boat. She was not able to do this, apparently she was not strong enough or perhaps the boat moved since the engine was still running. The fast-spinning rotor blades of the motor cut of her arm just above the elbow.

Urbelis has since pleaded no contest to charges of reckless operation of a motor vehicle and to driving operating under the influence. He is currently being held in lieu of a $75,000 bail.

A breathalyzer test showed that Urbelis’ blood alcohol content was at 0.09%, the maximum legal limit in Massachusetts for driving is 0.08%. He was not drunk by much. Did Berthiuame jump out of the boat without Urbelis’s authorization or understanding? These are some of the salient points fantastic DUI attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com may want to ask.

News anchor Michele McPhee arrested for suspected drunken driving

Not only does recently appointed WMEX-A/BOSTON afternoon host Michele McPhee face DUI charges but also faces charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer after her arrest recently, according to allaccess.com.

Allegedly, McPhee hit and hurt a State Police Officer while he had detained her on suspicion of drunken driving. Supposedly, she said to the arresting officer that she had vigorously defended the police for over 30-years of her life and so he should just let her go and then proceeded to kick him and ask for a supervisor as she was being arrested.

McPhee’s DUI attorney pleaded not guilty on her behalf in a court appearance on Thursday last week. Her employers, WMEX, has since released a statement saying that she is well reputed employee and that they are all in support of her in the case and believe that she is not guilty of the allegations made against her.

DUI laws in Massachusetts

It is not uncommon for people to be wrongly or unfairly charged with DUI. In fact, it happens more often that one would think. This happens mostly due to, under trained or biased law enforcement officers, faulty sobriety testing machines, etc.

It is critical that anyone facing such charges fights and beat their charges. They have the best chance of doing so by appointing an experienced and aggressive Boston DUI attorney such as Brett Levy who can tactfully prove their innocence.

Let us remind you that the penalties for DUI convictions are severe. They include but are not limited to hefty fines, prison sentences, community service, installation of ignition interlock devices, mandatory alcohol/drug counseling at your expense, and even suspension revocation of your driver’s license. If you do not want the entire law book tossed at you can find an outstanding attorney.