A Chevrolet Tahoe owned by North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger was involved in a single vehicle DUI crash on Tuesday at Mandan.

According to reports the vehicle was driven by Jesse Larson, 22, at the time of the accident. Police found the vehicle on its roof. Rauschenberger was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident nor was he involved in any way. Police have cited Larson for reckless driving and DUI. The vehicle was seriously damaged in the front end.

Following the accident Rauschenberger has said that he has been taking treatment for alcohol abuse as both an inpatient and outpatient and has missed work because of this. He said that he has been struggling with alcohol abuse for some time now and had a relapse on Tuesday. He was spending time with Larson whom he had met at alcohol rehab and showed poor judgment in lending his vehicle to him. Rauschenberger also said that he was not aware of Larson’s last name when he gave him permission to use his vehicle.

After this incident, Rauschenberger issued a notice saying that he was taking unpaid leave of absence to seek treatment again and was confident that his staff would handle all issues in his absence. He also said that he hoped to stand for reelection. If he is OK with oil shale and fracking then he will probably win as long as his alcohol issues have been solved. North Dakota is seeing an energy frenzy that is as exciting as the Texas oil boom in the early 20th century and the gold rush in California in the mid-19th century.

North Dakota is seeing prosperity it has never seen before much to the chagrin of the EPA and Obama.

North Dakota DUI Laws

North Dakota has strict laws that penalize drivers for driving. They face both criminal charges and administrative penalties. This means that a person convicted of DUI in the state can expect to spend time in jail, pay fines, have their license suspended, attend classes on drunk driving, and pay a fee for reinstating their driver’s license. Larson is going to know all about this.


Typically North Dakota considers a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08 percent as proof of drunkenness. However, in the case of drivers under the age of 21 a blood alcohol level of more than 0.02 percent is sufficient to obtain a DUI conviction. Apart from this under certain circumstances, the judge can convict a person who has a BAC of less than the legal limit.

Ryan Rauschenberger should not hand his keys over to other drunks.


If the BAC is less than 0.16 percent, the driver can be asked to pay a fine of $500, while if the BAC is higher the driver might have to spend two days in jail and pay a fine of $750. In addition, for those with a BAC level of less than 0.18 percent the driving license is suspended for 91 days and for others for 180 days.

Second Offense

When it is a second DUI offense within seven years, the penalties increase. The convicted driver has to spend 10 days in jail, pay a fine of $1,500 and take part in the sobriety program for a year.

Third Offense

In the case of a third DUI offense within seven years the jail term is increased to 120 days and the fine is placed at $2,000.

If you have been charged with a DUI in North Dakota you need to immediately retain the services of an experienced DUI lawyer in order to defend yourself and avoid a conviction or have the penalties reduced.

The happy news for Larson is that because of the oil shale boom in this northern mountain state, even Taco Bell is paying $17 an hour. There will be a job waiting for him when his legal problems have been resolved. He does though need to confront his drinking problem though and his DUI attorney and the system will let me know about that!