Covington, TN- For many Americans and Tennesseans, the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the winter. Football fans have waited months to see a battle for championship and the enthusiasm is expressed with an abundance of drinks. And when the party is over, many of those Super Bowl fans are going to hit the road and maybe cause a devastating crash.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, there is always this buzz about the ads that are going to air during the America’s big sporting event. This year the one Budweiser plans on running is getting a lot of lip service because it features British actress Helen Mirren mouthing off a barrage of insults at drunken drivers. The central message of the commercial is: Drinking and driving is stupid!

(You can see the commercial here.)

That’s a strong message but there is a valid reason why the message and language is so forceful. That is because Super Bowl Sunday is not only the day of football fans live for; it’s one of the days of the year that drunken driving accidents spike.

According to a 2015 study from AAA, drunk driving accidents increase before and after by a stunning 75 percent. In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 36 percent of traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday were caused by impaired drivers. Both numbers represent a dramatic increase in drunken driving accidents, and very irresponsible on behalf of motorists which is why Super Bowl fans can expect to see police out in force this Sunday and encounter sobriety checkpoints.

Knowing that drunken driving spikes on game day, police agencies all across Tennessee will increase their DUI patrols statewide. It’s a day police can expect lots of impaired drivers on the road. Many motorists are going to run into sobriety check points and quite a few of them will be hauled off to jail.

What many people don’t realize or consider is how little alcohol they need to consume to be considered legally drunk. Even just one Bud, or shot of tequila or glass of wine can put a person close to over the legal drinking limit and they could find themselves spending Super Bowl Sunday, or what’s left of it, in jail. The DUI lawyers at USAttorneys know that people are going to need legal help this Sunday and many are ready to take your call. So if you need a DUI defence lawyer near your Covington, Tennessee location we can help you find one.

If you are facing a DUI charge you face possible threat of incarceration and a host of other legal consequences. A DUI conviction will also cause you to lose your license and pay thousands of dollars in fines. If you want a DUI defence lawyer, USAttorneys recommends you contact one of the DUI defense lawyers at the Muldavin Law Firm to work on your defense and give you a greater chance of avoid the many consequences.