Singer Aaron Carter is seeking legal aid from a local DUI lawyer in Georgia as he may be facing a DUI conviction for suspicion of driving drunk and possession of drugs.


While the booking photo of Aaron Carter doesn’t exactly depict a pop star singer whose brother held the spotlight of fame years back as a Backstreet Boy, he is claiming other factors led to him being accused of DUI last Sunday. Carter, 29, allegedly went into an Auto Zone store to have his tire aligned after having a new one put on. Carter also told sources that the new tire had caused his vehicle to go out of alignment which then caused his driving to suffer.

While Carter was inside the Auto Zone store, officers aggressively arrested him for DUI and his rights to have an attorney were apparently revoked. Although he wasn’t in a vehicle at the time of the arrest and only one officer claims he saw Carter behind the wheel before he pulled into the Auto Zone parking lot, officers were dispatched when a call came in claiming Carter was driving all over the road and into the median. Carter also was also accused of having drugs in his possession but the Los Angeles Times highlighted he was carrying a legal medical license for medical marijuana used to treat his “long standing anxiety.”

Whose Story Depicts What Really Happened?

Just as every story has two sides, so does the one involving the arrest of Aaron Carter for DUI. While Carter is legally permitted to have medical marijuana in his possession assuming he is complying with state laws, the arresting sheriff’s department states that he was carrying the “green, leafy type” which isn’t the legal form that he is permitted to have in his possession. That is only one of the offenses his DUI defense lawyer is going to have to fight.

Based on Carter’s story, he feels his “fame” has him targeted and that he wasn’t engaging in any illegal activity. But, based on the sheriff’s point of view, he was carrying marijuana he wasn’t legally permitted to have and his driving displayed signs that he was intoxicated. Carter’s DUI defense attorney will likely have his hands full with this case as it is now public news and individuals who may or may not be a fan of the Carter’s are going to want to know how this case will end.

Carter Didn’t Care to Hear What Brother Nick Carter Had to Say

To top of the situation, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter’s older brother, sent out a tweet on Twitter letting him know he was there for him if he needed his help. Carter replied in a disappointed tone stating he would have appreciated his brother reaching out to him on a more personal level rather than sending out a tweet that would catch the attention of thousands and thousands of individuals. While Carter has struggled over the course of the last few years, maybe this time he wasn’t engaging in any illegal activity, however, that is for his DUI lawyer to prove.

Whether Carter’s story or that of the sheriff’s is true, we won’t know until more evidence is released. Until then, Carter is wise for enlisting the help of a nearby DUI attorney in Georgia, especially if he is claiming he was wrongfully arrested.