Maribel Pablo Mijangos a 32-year old woman from Columbus passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning. She succumbed to her injuries while being transported to Ohio Health Doctor’s West Hospital for treatment, the State Highway Patrol reported.

The van that the victim and her family were travelling in collided head-on with a car that was going in the wrong direction. The impact launched the van into the median. Other passengers in the van included three children who were taken to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Mijangos and her family were only 20 minutes away from home when this tragedy struck.

24 year old Mattison Skoog was the driver of the car travelling in the wrong direction. Skoog failed field sobriety tests and her blood alcohol level was twice the legal amount. Investigators say she may have been driving in the wrong direction for as far as 15 miles while drunk.

Drunk driver charged with 7 ½ years prison for hit and run – a pitiful sentence

Leslie Maldonado has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison without eligibility for early release and will never be eligible for a driver’s license in the state of Ohio again. The sentence was punishment for the man’s crime of drunk-driving that killed 25 year old Angel Cuevas. 44 year old Maldonado failed to yield at an intersection and hit a motorcycle on Aug. 25th 2014.

The impact of the crash sent Angel Cuevas flying off his motorcycle and onto a front lawn about 10 feet away. Maldonado fled the scene while Cuevas passed away as a result of his injuries at Metro Health Medical Center.

Maldonado pleaded guilty in February to aggravated vehicular homicide, failure to stop after an accident, and driving under the influence. According to Columbus Ohio, aggravated vehicular homicide is a felony of the first or second degree depending on the driving record of the accused, where the potential sentence is a two to eight year prison term as well as suspension of driving privileges for life.

Cuevas’ family and friends packed the courtroom during the hearing. They described Cuevas as a young man who was adept at fixing bikes and cars. His brother said that he had lost his best friend and his sister spoke to Maldonado and said that she didn’t hate him but hated his disease.

Too bad it is not a disease but a pile of selfishness and weakness.

Maldonado’s DUI attorney said that he felt the verdict was reasonable and that his client accepts it. Maldonado has had a bad rep with the law in the past; this was his fourth drunk-driving conviction. His attorney also said Maldonado was an alcoholic and it was unfortunate that it took something so tragic for his client to realize the magnitude of his crimes. But has he? We do not know that.

Many people believe Maldonado should never be free again.

ADAMH director held for drunk driving

Juni Johnson, 51, should have known better than to get behind the wheel after drinking, especially given her position as the executive director of the regional Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services agency. Johnson was stopped in the late, late hours of the morning on US 22 for speeding. She refused a breathalyzer test at the scene, according to Circleville Municipal Court records.

Columbus Ohio DUI attorneys say that the consequence of refusing a test is automatic suspension of the driver’s license for one year even if the individual is not found guilty of DUI. ADAMH contracts with various organizations to assist people with substance abuse and mental health issues.