Jersey City, NJ- A North Bergen woman has been charged with DWI and vehicular homicide after she struck a bicyclist in Edgewater on May 10th.

A 61 year-old Jersey City man was riding his bicycle in Edgewater when a female motorist, who has been identified 40 year-old Siobhan Stokley, struck him at the intersection of River and Churchill roads around 11:50 Saturday night. Stokely’s Hummer hit the rear tire of Tony Tyson’s bicycle and he was thrown to the ground where he hit his head, New reported.

Tyson was taken to a local hospital where he was listed critical condition.

Police on the scene believed Stokely was intoxicated and took a blood sample for chemical testing. She was charged with DWI, DWI assault by auto and reckless driving, New reported.

On Monday, May 12th, Tyson succumbed to his injuries so police upgraded Stokely’s charges to vehicular manslaughter. Unfortunately for Stokely, her upgraded charges mean she will need an aggressive criminal defense.

Because of its close proximity to Manhattan, Jersey City has a great deal of traffic flowing in an out. Law enforcement officials in the issue a large number of summonses for traffic violations, many for driving while intoxicated.

Even though a DWI is considered a traffic violation, a conviction can have life-altering consequences. A DWI conviction can lead to a jail term, suspension of the offender’s driver’s license and costly fines. A DWI conviction will also remain on person’s record indefinitely and will affect many aspects of the convicted individual’s life, but will have the greatest impact on their career.

It may appear to be a minor offense, but that isn’t the case and the offender should take the steps necessary to avoid conviction. The first and most important step is to hire a Jersey City DWI attorney as soon as they are able. Their knowledge will be invaluable from the first to final stage of the DWI process.

Enlisting the services of Jersey City DWI attorney Eric Mark from the very beginning of the adjudication process will allow and offender to present a strong defense and avoid the pitfalls of trying to tackle a DWI charge without the benefit of legal counsel.

DWI defense attorney Eric Mark will carefully evaluate the state’s evidence against you and will determine the best way to approach your case. There are times when the state has strong evidence against an offender, but there are other times when their evidence can be vigorously challenged and a conviction avoided even if the offender is guilty.

Eric Mark will carefully consider all the evidence and circumstances of his client’s arrest to determine the best approach to take in their case. There are a number of ways to challenge a DWI from questioning an officer’s probable cause to stop a driver to contesting the state’s proof of intoxication. For help with a DWI charge, you can contact his Newark office at 973-453-2009 to discuss your case.