Sacramento, CA- California, like many states, have a problem with repeat drunken driving, so advocates are pushing state legislators to pass stricter DUI laws. MADD the organization behind the most recent push is Mother Against Drunk Driving, and they want every DUI offender in the state to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.

MADD says that a third of fatal drunk driving accidents are the fault of repeat DUI offenders, so they would like California to join the 25 other states that require ignition interlock devices for first-time DUI offenders, reports ABC 30.  Currently, California’s DUI Laws don’t require ignition interlock devices until a third DUI conviction.

MADD, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control, says ignition interlock devices reduce DUI recidivism by 67 percent. Aaron Wade, MADD California Program Manager, noted that four counties in the Califonia have had success with the program and stopped intoxicated DUI offenders from getting behind the wheel “over 1 million times.”

In case you don’t know, an ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer wired into the ignition of a car and prevents it from starting if an individual’s blood alcohol concentration reaches the legal limit. Such devices also require drivers to breathe in the devices periodically while they are driving to ensure they haven’t figured out a way to bypass the breath test.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and MADD regularly urge state legislatures to pass ignition interlock laws. But there is some pushback, especially from DUI lawyers who say these devices are burdensome and not very effective. If you are facing a DUI, USAttorneys can connect you with a lawyer who will explain the pros and cons of ignition interlock devices.

On top of your fines and penalties, legal fees, probation costs and increased insurance premiums, you face additional costs if you are ordered to install an ignition interlock device. Those costs include an installation fee up to $200 and monthly recalibration and maintenance fee which can range anywhere from $50 a month to $100.

More troublesome is the fact that these devices can give inaccurate readings and give positive results if motorist suffers from diabetes or is taking cough medicine. An ignition interlock device can work for some people and won’t work for others, which is why USAttorneys recommends you speak with a DUI lawyer in Sacramento, California to talk about your charges and discuss if you should consider installing an ignition interlock device in your car.

A DUI conviction can become a huge burden. You need to fight a DUI conviction by retaining a DUI lawyer in California to help you develop and solid defense strategy. If you were charged with a DUI and Sacramento and want to talk about your case, we recommend you contact the law offices of Dick Margarita at 916-248-8570 or toll-free at 888-349-1631. Or, you can contact his office online at You should consult with a defense lawyer before you make any decisions about your case.