Daytona Beach, FL- Efforts turn Florida into a medical marijuana state may have failed last year, but pot advocates aren’t giving up the fight to make pot legal in the state.  The “Florida Cannabis Act” goes a step further by calling for full legalization of marijuana which would be regulated like alcohol.

Florida attorney Michael Minardi teamed up with other marijuana advocates to form Sensible Florida and Regulate Florida to draft the amendment that would make marijuana legal for recreational use and calls for it to be regulated like alcohol.

Speaking with the Broward/Palm Beach New Times, Minardi said of the legislation, “Realistically, it gives adults the choice to use cannabis for whatever and whenever they want. It doesn’t allow for driving while on cannabis; it limits the age to 21 — much like the way alcohol is sold and regulated. It creates a licenses-regulated system of distribution to make sure we have the safety of the products and safety for consumers as a priority, much like they do in Colorado.”

When asked why he thinks his initiative will be successful when others have failed, Minardi told the New Times he would use facts and stats to sway he public. He said will show Floridians that crime rates and the number of teen pot users have declined in states Colorado where marijuana has been fully legalized for medical and recreational use. Fatal accidents in Colorado also declined after full marijuana legalization.

Minardi knows a good deal about marijuana since he successfully helped a client accused of growing marijuana plants avoid a conviction for manufacturing which would have landed him in jail for 5 years. His client was growing the plants to treat his anorexia and Minardi was able to show the court that his client had a medical need for marijuana. It was a historic “Not Guilty” vote.

In order to get on the ballot, Regulate Florida needs at least one million signatures. You help put the law on the ballot by visiting their website at, and signing their petition.

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