Fort Lauderdale, FL – Most people facing DUI charges in Broward County are facing simple misdemeanor charges, but some actions on behalf of the impaired driver can lead to aggravated or felony DUI charges. Here our team of DUI lawyers serving Fort Lauderdale will discuss the reasons a person can be charged with an aggravated DUI and what consequences they face.

You can be charged with an aggravated/felony DUI in Florida if: you are facing your third DUI and was convicted of two with the past ten years; you are facing your fourth DUI after three previous convictions in the past ten years; you caused an accident that caused serious injury or death.

Any of the above circumstances can lead to an aggravated DUI and aggressive prosecution. That is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney working on your DUI defense. USAttorneys will help you locate an accomplished DUI defense lawyer in Broward County to provide you with an effective defense and give you a greater chance of avoiding a aggravated DUI conviction.

If you are convicted of an aggravated DUI you could face one to two years in jail, perhaps even more. You will also have to pay costly fines, easily adding up to several thousand dollars, and will lose your license for at least a year. In the worst cases, a person convicted of felony DUI can lose their license for life. A conviction will also leave you with a felony on your criminal record and you could lose your right to bear arms or vote.

Those are pretty dire consequences and very good reasons why you need a lawyer on your side and doing whatever they can to keep you from being convicted. If it is not possible for you to avoid conviction, you may be eligible for a plea bargain for lesser charges and reduced penalties. There is no guarantee that you will get an offer for a plea bargain but having legal counsel will greatly increase your chances of receiving such an offer.

If you are facing felony or misdemeanor DUI charges, you need a DUI attorney in Florida working on your case. Legal representation is your best bet at negating some of the harsher consequences associated with a DUI arrest and conviction. The team of DUI lawyers at USAttorneys will evaluate the details of your case and help negate some of the immediate and long-term consequences of your DUI charges.

Residents of Broward County can turn to one of our defense attorneys for help with the case.  They have a track record of successful cases and will work tirelessly on your defense, so that your charge doesn’t have such a negative impact on your life and future. Contact one our lawyers today and get the advice you desperately need. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need an attorney. Doing so would be a mistake that you will end up regretting. You at least owe to yourself to set up a consultation.