The horrible drunk driving incident recently took the life of 21 year old Haley Hopkins, a Stow-Munroe Falls graduate. As reported by, she fell prey to a drunken driver who has been identified as 22 year old Jessica R. Francis. Both Haley and Jessica are residents of Akron.

Jessica R. Francis should receive a degree in stupidity & selfishness

Francis has now been slapped with aggravated vehicular homicide by prosecutors. If found guilty, Francis could be put behind bars for over a decade, according to Akron, Ohio DUI lawyers. Francis was operating a KIA Soul while under the influence of drugs/alcohol when she lost control of the car and veered off the right side off Canyon Brook Drive and ploughed into a bunch of trees. Hopkins was a passenger in the 2011 KIA Soul and succumbed to the injuries that she sustained.


Post the accident, responding law enforcement officers tested Francis for impairment. A breathalyzer test registered Francis’ blood alcohol content at a staggering 0.222%, which is nearly three times over the maximum permissible upper limit of 0.08%, according to Akron OH DUI attorneys. Francis was rushed to Akron General Hospital with multiple injuries of an unknown nature but was released in a stable condition.

Motorcycle crash in Akron kills one Akron woman and lands another in jail

Two motorcycle accidents have killed one woman from Akron and sent another to jail for suspected driving under the influence. Both accidents occurred at a rally that was travelling in a southerly direction through Akron. The first accident occurred on Interstate 76 involving three motorcycles and a semi-truck trailer. One of the motorcyclists died and the other two sustained minor to moderate injuries, as reported by

The accident forced authorities to shut down lanes of the interstate to the public as they cleared the debris. However, while cops were on the scene assisting, a suspected drunk driver rode her motorcycle through the shutdown area and almost crashed into a police cruiser.

Officers pulled the woman over and subjected her to a breathalyzer test and standard field sobriety testing and determined that she was over the limit and was hence guilty of DUI. Accordingly, prosecutors have slapped appropriate DUI charges against the woman.

DUI legislation in Ohio

Ohio has some of the strictest laws when it comes to drunk driving. In fact, according to Ohio State Law, a DUI conviction leads to a mandatory minimum jail sentence of three days. Sadly, sometimes innocent persons are convicted with DUI due to faulty sobriety testing equipment or sometimes even improperly trained law enforcement officers. This is where comes into the fold. The spectacular DUI defense lawyers on this site can perhaps toss some of these charges back into the DA’s face.

We believe that it is blasphemy for someone who was never guilty of drunk driving to be subjected to such harsh penalties. We therefore strongly advise such persons to reach out to experienced Ohio DUI defence lawyers who will strive to protect their rights and build a credible defense and to beat their DUI case. Those who are wrongly charged or are victims of police laxity can be acquitted of their drunken driving related charges.