Tuscaloosa, AL- Have you been charged with a DUI in Tuscaloosa? If so, you may be wondering how you can avoid a DUI conviction? With the right defense strategy, it is possible for you to avoid a DUI conviction. Here our team of DUI lawyers in Tuscaloosa will discuss what three defense strategies that can be employed, so you beat your DUI charge.

First, you need to know what the consequences are for your first DUI in Alabama. Fortunately, there is no minimum jail requirement, but you still face up to $2,100 in fines and could lose your license for up to 90 days. You will also be required to attend a DUI referral program. On top of those consequences, a DUI conviction will remain on your record for at least five years, causing your insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Since a DUI conviction is costly and can affect all aspects of your life, you need DUI lawyer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to work on your defense. Let USAttorneys connect you with a DUI defense lawyer near your location to work on your defense.

One of the more common ways to beat a DUI charge is to challenge the traffic stop itself. Most patrol officers conduct their traffic stops to the letter of the law, but mistakes happen. Sometimes officers conduct stops when they don’t have sufficient probable cause to pull a motorist over. A DUI lawyer will look at the details of your arrest and determine if an office had probable cause to pull you over and charge you.

Another way to effectively challenge is to challenge the results of field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are used to determine if a motorist is intoxicated by testing their coordination and their ability to multitask. Field sobriety tests are considered scientifically accurate, but numerous factors can give inaccurate results. Back or neck injuries, diabetes, or acid reflux are conditions that cause a person to perform poorly in field sobriety or breathalyzer tests. Being nervous or anxious can also give an officer the impression of intoxication. If you have a medical condition that could affect the results of field sobriety tests, you need to tell your defense lawyer so they can be certain you haven’t been wrongfully charged.

A third effective defense strategy would be to question the results of a breathalyzer test. A breathalyzer test measures the amount of alcohol in a person blood stream by testing the number of alcohol molecules in a liter of air. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, breathalyzers are scientifically accurate, but issues of accuracy can arise if a machine is not maintained or calibrated on a regular basis. A local DUI lawyer will know if there are accuracies with breathalyzers in your area.

If you are facing DUI charges in Tuscaloosa, allow USAttorneys to connect you with an accomplished DUI lawyer near you to work on your defense. You can avoid a DUI conviction if you have someone on your side who knows how to build and effective defense.