Daphne, AL- Alabama State Senator Cam Ward admits to making a mistake the earlier this month when he was arrested for drunken driving, but the lawmaker doesn’t think his political career should suffer.

Speaking to the media, Ward said that drinking and driving on the night of July 1st was a mistake, but he doesn’t think his major mistake should cause him to lose his position on Senate Judiciary Committee or his industrial job with the city of Alabaster. Why? Because he says he wasn’t working at the time of his arrest.

Ward was pulled over on July 1st but few details about his arrest have been released publically, though the lawmaker admitted to AL.com that his blood alcohol content was two to three times Alabama’s legal limit.

Cam told the Montgomery Advertiser that he made a “huge mistake,” by driving drunk and has since gotten help for this drinking problem. He hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since his arrest and spent two weeks in rehab—a wise move considering his charges.

A Senate leader told the Advertiser that Ward will be able to keep his position on the judiciary committee. He also said he won’t resign as Senator.

Ward will be court on August 12th for his trial.

That’s good news for Ward, but the fact is many people find their jobs at stake when they are charged with a DUI. Some employers have a zero-tolerance policy won’t keep on an employee who has an arrest or conviction on their record.

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