Do you currently have children who attend school and get picked up in the school car-line? If so, you likely know that it can sometimes be a frustrating process as you have to wait in a long line of cars before your child is even called. And then you have the parents who are too impatient to wait and decide to cut in front of you after you have been waiting for nearly 20 minutes already. While we can all agree that car-line after school isn’t the most relaxing point of our day, it is an obligation of ours and we must push through it.

Perhaps the mere thought of the dreadful carline is what brought one mom to drive through it drunk. Or maybe she had one too many drinks right before it was time to get her child from middle school and failed to make other arrangements which led to her driving while intoxicated. Either way, Mary Elizabeth Stevenson,37, was arrested when she attempted to go through the car-line at Fort Payne Middle School to pick up her child. Apparently, the “School Resource Officer, Patrick Jenkins, received a tip that Stevenson might be intoxicated and on her way to the campus.” Police were dispatched and when they arrived at the school, they took her into custody from the car pickup line.

Stevenson was taken to the city jail and her bail was set at $2,000, according to Not only was Stevenson attempting to pick up her child which would require her to drive them home drunk, but she also had another child in the car with her who was “too young to attend school.” Not only did Stevenson put her own life at risk, but she also put her children’s lives at risk as well. She also may have neglected to take into account that because she was driving onto a school campus there would be many children being dismissed and heading home, some walking and others riding bicycles.

As a result of her actions, Stevenson was charged with DUI and endangering the welfare of a child. Whether Stevenson has chosen to hire an Alabama DUI defense attorney or not hasn’t been discussed, however, it would be in her best interest to do so.

The fact that she drove her vehicle while intoxicated, had a child in the vehicle with her at the time and drove into a school campus aware that she was drunk isn’t going to sit well with the judge who will be overseeing her case. If Stevenson wants any chance of getting her charges reduced, she better look into obtaining legal counsel immediately.

Like Stevenson, there are plenty of individuals out in the world who make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of their vehicle drunk. The fact is, the penalties for a DUI tend to be rather harsh and only intensify when other crimes are committed such as driving with a minor in the vehicle at the time you were intoxicated. Therefore, if you were arrested and charged with DUI in Birmingham, AL, wants to connect you with a local DUI attorney who can help with your case. There are many phases to a DUI case and a Birmingham DUI lawyer specializing in DUI charges is the person you want to speak with so you can become prepared and ready to deal with what is soon to come.