Alabama, What Consequences Will I Have to Face After I Am Found Guilty of DUI?

Being charged with DUI can cause a person’s life to change significantly. For one thing, a person will lose their driving privileges, and for another, they will have to spend a significant amount of their time doing community service, and this is only for a first-time offense. If it’s not a person’s first time being charged with DUI they will most likely have to pay heavy fines and suffer jail time as well.

One of the biggest consequences drivers have to face when they are charged with DUI is that their conviction can not be removed or ‘expunged’ from their record in Alabama, This is particularly troubling because it means that if a person gets into any problem with the law in the future then this previous offense will most likely make their situation worse for them.

Individuals who are convicted of a DUI offense will also be required to undergo a mandatory probationary period no matter whether their DUI is classified as a misdemeanor crime or a felony. The defendant will have to go through the court referral program during their probationary period. During this period, they will have to go through randomized screening for drugs or alcohol and they will also be prohibited from purchasing drugs and alcohol. If they fail to comply with these rules, they will have to undergo their jail sentence.

Apart from the probationary period, the defendant will also have to undertake a mandatory court referral program. This program basically requires them to take courses based on substance abuse and failure to complete the courses will result in a person having their penalties increased and they may even have their probation revoked.

Another consequence of getting caught for DUI is that the defendant will have to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles. The installation will be required for all second DUI offenses. The IID must be installed for one year. If a person fails to comply with the installation, they risk having a report filed against them and their probation being revoked. Most drivers overlook the fact that their insurance will also increase substantially if they are convicted of DUI.

Since the consequences are so severe and long-lasting it is always best for a person to call a DUI lawyer in Alabama as soon as possible after they are confronted by the police officer.

Will I lose my job if I am convicted of DUI?

There are some job titles that will cause a person to immediately lose their job if they are caught DUI, such as for those who work for certain pharmaceutical companies. A person also risks losing any vehicle or vehicle insurance being offered to them through their company.

If a person is convicted of DUI unjustly and due to the charge, they lose their job a legal representative can help them fight in court to clear their name and get their job back.

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