Tuscaloosa, AL- For the second time this year, an Alabama player has been arrested for driving under the influence. Jarran Reed, Roll Tide’s defensive lineman is the latest player to have a run-in with the law.

Reed was arrested early Sunday morning after a minor fender bender on University Boulevard in a parking lot. According to AL.com, Reed, who was driving a white Dodge Charger, was pulling out of a parking space when he slammed into a parked car under the watchful eyes of the police.

After striking the car, Reed began driving out of the parking, but he didn’t get very far. As he was attempting to exit the parking lot, police pulled him over and detected the odor of alcohol in his vehicle.

Reed performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.13 on a breath test—the legal limit in Alabama is .08.

Alabama coach Nick Saban told AL.com that he was aware Reed’s arrest, stating “this obviously is not the behavior we expect from our players.” Saban added that the team is gathering all the pertinent information and would determine how Reed should be disciplined once they have all the facts.

This the second Alabama player to be charged with DUI in 2014. In April, Dillon Lee was arrested for DUI after he was involved in a minor traffic accident that didn’t involve any injuries. Lee failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. Lee’s case is still pending.

Both Reed and Lee have a lot at stake if they are convicted of drunken driving charges, it is possible they could lose their scholarships and may not be able to finish their education at the college of their choice. This is a worst case scenario but is a possibility unless person facing DUI charges enlists the services of an attorney.

Anyone convicted of their first DUI in Alabama could face up to the one year in jail, but there is no mandatory minimum, leaving whether an offender is given a jail sentence up to the discretion of the prosecutor and judge assigned to each individual’s case. This is true for many states and is important to remember when you are considering whether you need to retain an Alabama DUI attorney.

In addition to a potential jail sentence, a person convicted of a DUI faces up to a $1,000 in fines, at least 90 day suspension of their driver’s license and mandatory DUI school attendance.

When a person is challenging a DUI charge, they must be able to convince prosecutors and the court they were not impaired at the time of their arrest. An effective DUI defense should be able to accomplish that task, but there are instances where the evidence is stacked up against a person.

If conviction cannot be avoided, you as the offender must be able to convince the court you deserve leniency. You must be able to prove you deserve a second chance and will take all the steps necessary to avoid driving under the influence in the future. This is best accomplished with an experienced DUI attorney working on your defense.