Famous American baseball third baseman for the New York Yankees of MLB (Major League Baseball), Alex Rodriguez, got involved in a sex scandal recently and it seems things are only going to get worse for the sports star. As per reports, upcoming book ‘House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, The World’s Most Powerful Address’ by Michael Gross features A-Rod as the prime subject of a host outrageous allegations.

If the tome stories are to be believed, Rodriguez got several prostitutes at home, twice a week. As per claimed by a worker of the tower in which  Rodriguez resides, A-Rod got hookers all the time, not less than two at a time. The book is slated to release in March 2014.

This is hilarious. Most people already love talking trash about this guy. He has already sullied his name and now this? A-Rod is a Yankees embarrassment.

A-Rod is a Fool

The worker also cited an incidence in which two prostitutes went up and came down and sometime later, A-Rod’s famous girlfriend Cameron Diaz of the ‘Bad Teacher’ fame, walked in. Although Rodriguez is mired in sex scoops, he has never faced any DUI charges and never needed to consult his lawyer friends, some of whom are top DUI lawyers in Atlanta. This could be the only good thing that A-Rod has going for him. Many people are not that impressed with Diaz; she is not that pretty according to many people. But at least she does run her name into the ground that A-Rod does every year over some issue, normally steroids.

A-Rod’s One True Friend – His Attorney (Just because he is getting paid)

However, spokesman for Rodriguez, Ron Berkowitz has vehemently denied all the charges and said that his client has been victimized and falsely implicated. He clearly stated that all the claims made were bogus and defamatory. He told the media that Gross has no evidence to prove the nasty allegations made against A-Rod.

These accusations have been purposefully made to defame Rodriguez as some people hold a personal vendetta against my client, he said. Nonetheless, A-Rod will not take these defamatory actions involving infidelity and criminal activity lying down. He has decided to call his attorneys, including some of his friends who happen to be prominent DUI attorneys in Atlanta, to take up the case and fight on his behalf.