Houston, TX- Nothing demonstrates the dangers of driving under the influence more than an accident that occurred over the weekend in Houston, and left a father and his ten year-old son dead. Now, the driver is facing two serious charges related to the tragic accident.

Authorities believe Jose Trinidad Rivera, 41, was intoxicated when he caused the fatal crash last Saturday night on North Freeway feeder road at the intersection of West Road. According to multiple reports, Rivera ran a red-light and broadsided the passenger-side of the SUV, the Houston Chronicle reported. The impact of the crash pushed the SUV with four passengers into a metal light pole.

Juan Alvarez and his 9 year-old son, who were both in the front of the SUV, were killed. Two other passengers, Alvarez’s wife and three year-old daughter were also in the vehicle, but survived the crash. They were taken to a local hospital in serious but stable condition, according to the Chronicle.

Police are still conducting their investigation, but have already charged Rivera with two counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of vehicular assault.

Drunken drivers who hurt or kill others must be held accountable for their actions. They should and do typically face criminal charges and civil lawsuits on behalf of their victims. But not all drunken drivers are guilty of causing a deadly or injurious drunk driving accidents. Some offenders are barely over the legal limit or are wrongfully charged—it happens more than you think.

Make no mistake, driving while intoxicated is wrong and no one should get behind the wheel when they are drunk. In regards to the DWI charges there are degrees of culpability, and not all charges are created equal. Your Houston DWI attorney will explore the extenuating circumstances of your case and use them to determine if you are eligible for reduced charges or penalties.

The American judicial system is based in given people the chance to defend themselves and atone for their actions. DWI courts are no different and while many of us may be disgusted by drunken drivers who kill or injure others, they, just like anyone else, are considered innocent until proven guilty. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our justice system and is a right extended to everyone in the U.S., as it should be.

Houston residents facing a DWI need to speak with one of our educated and highly experienced attorneys to discuss what the charges they are facing and the possible consequences of a conviction. Your can minimize the impact of intoxicated driving charge through a rock-solid defense strategy.

Your Houston DUI attorney will examine all the aspects of your arrest and your life and help you figure out the best way to approach your case. They will be honest with you and outline the best way to pursue your case. Whether you want to negotiate for a plea bargain or choose to take your case to court, your Houston DWI attorney will be by your side from beginning to end.