A repeat offender who has already been prosecuted twice in the past for drunken driving now finds himself facing vehicular assault charges after he was involved in a car accident on Memorial Day in the city of Morton in Lewis County, Washington. It is suspected that the man, identified as 65-year old Brian B. Coleman who resides in Randle was driving while impaired by the influence of alcohol which ultimately caused the accident, as reported by The Chronicle.

Old man destroys the rest of his life: jail time for him

Police reports suggest that the man is currently being kept in custody at Lewis County Jail and bail has been set at $250,000 since he is a repeat offender and faces felony charges. According to the arrest report filed by an arresting officer belonging to the Washington State Patrol, Coleman had a bottle of Monarch Vodka lying in the front passenger seat and half of it was already emptied.

When subjected to a breathalyzer test, his blood alcohol level was determined to be at 0.154% which is almost twice the maximum legal limit to drive of 0.08 in the state of Washington, according to Tacoma WA DUI attorneys.

Supposedly, Coleman’s car struck a truck and injured of its occupants who had to be rushed to Morton General Hospital, the physicians there confirmed that the injuries were non-life threatening but the victim had sustained a fracture to his arm and also a blow to the neck. If this is you, if you have been a victim of terrible and drunk driving or just want to think about the future, USAttorneys.com is a site you want to check out. There are local DUI attorneys on this site that you can speak to if you need an attorney or just want to have one just in case something untoward happens to you.

Coleman himself also sustained moderate injuries and had to be transported to Morton General Hospital. He was bound to a wheel chair when he appeared for his trial as a result of the injuries. The judge expressed concern that Coleman had not learnt his lesson despite two previous charges and said that he is a serious risk to society and definitely has a deeply ingrained addiction to alcohol. Coleman was driving on a suspended license when he cased his latest car crash.


New drunken driving legislation in Washington – no need for ignition interlock devices if offender promises not to get behind the wheel again

A new bill has been proposed which essentially will allow drivers faced with DUI charges to make a written promise to the state that they will not drive in exchange for not having to install ignition interlock devices on their cars whilst awaiting trial, as reported by The Seattle Times.

House bill 1276 faces stiff opposition, as other legislators and DUI experts are concerned that a written note is not going to stop someone with alcoholism from driving, alcohol impairs judgment and they will undoubtedly make a bad decision when the time comes irrespective of whether they have made a promise or not.

Many people believe this bill is some sort of joke.

Washington has country’s toughest DUI laws

When it comes to dealing with DUI suspects, Washington state does not fool around. They have the most consequential laws in the country, which is why anyone charged with DUI will need an experienced Washington DUI attorney to protect them from the merciless wrath of the state.

The legal limit for an adult driving a non-commercial vehicle here is 0.08%. Anybody found with a BAC more than 0.08% will have their license suspended even if they are not convicted during trial. Even first time offenders may be sent to prison for as long as one whole year and fined up to $5,000. If offenders violate their probation regulations they will land in even more serious trouble.

Apart from all this, anyone convicted may have their license suspended for years on end and instructed to install ignition interlock devices and electronic home detection devices and attend mandatory counselling programs at his or her own expense.