Denver, CO- Just two weeks after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado on January 1st, police arrested Keith Kilbey for driving under the influence of marijuana after he slammed into two patrol cars blocking a highway entrance. For police, Kilbey became an example of the chaos and destruction that would follow in the wake of marijuana legalization, but as it turns out Kilbey may have not been stoned after all.

To give you a little background, Kilbey was presumably high the night when he slammed into one patrol car which was pushed into the second patrol car. Fortunately for him, the officers weren’t in their cars and observed the unfolding events from the side of the road. For some reason, Kilbey failed to notice the bright flashing lights of both patrol cars and just rammed right into them. The officers assumed that such idiocy had to be the result of some stoned out of their minds on weed so they arrested him for suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana and did a blood draw.

After Kilbey’s arrest, Colorado State Patrol spokesman Officer Nate Reid said, “Luckily, no one was hurt this time. But there are people who have been injured in the past and will be injured in the future because of this.”

Now, six months after pot shops opened and the state has added millions of dollars in revenue off the sale of weed to their coffers, Kilbey secured a plea deal in his DUI case. But the court documents make no mention whatsoever of marijuana in Kilbey’s system, the Denver Post reported. There are two possible explanations for that, he either wasn’t stoned at all or he had such an insignificant amount of THC in his blood that there was no way the state would secure a conviction. Either way pot was not the culprit.

The court documents did show that Kilbey was very drunk, his blood alcohol content was .268 nearly three times the legal limit in the state. On Wednesday of this week Kilbey was sentenced to 30 days home detention and 18 months of community service. His DUI attorney secured a plea deal so he won’t serve jail time.

It seems that it is only a matter of time before more states pass medical marijuana legislation, and recreational pot might not be far behind. As more Americans being to accept marijuana legalization, people like Kilbey have become the symbol of all that is wrong with marijuana legalization; dummies who are so out of their minds on weed they have no idea what planet they are on much less how to drive a car. This characterization is often touted by police and other anti-pot groups and despite scientific evidence to the contrary, major media outlets have bought into the marijuana mania.

There is no doubt that marijuana affects a person’s motor skills, but not nearly to the degree alcohol does. If you have been charged with a driving under the influence of marijuana, you need a DUI attorney on your side to counter the state’s evidence and help you avoid a DUI conviction.